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The Computer Quilting Made Easy Series is now outdated and no longer available.

Sharla now publishes ON-LINE quilting software hints and tips, reviews and how-to tutorials and has put together the best DISCOUNT Store for quilt software and computer quilting related products on the Internet. For the latest in computer quilting and how-to information that we have available, go to:

Our Discount Store 10-20% off and our bundle packages of quilting software and related products.

Quilting Software Reviews for ALL the quilting software on the market today.

Download Quilt Software Demos for the try before you buy opportunity.

Other Quilting Books we carry in our store at discount prices.

Computer Quilting BYTES Newsletter to find:

  • Hint and tips for running your quilting software more effectively.
  • How-to tutorials for quilting software.
  • Bubble Jet Set 2000 to make permanent fabric printouts directly from your inkjet printers!
  • Internet resources for computer quilting.
  • Fabric scan resources on the Internet.
  • And more!.

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Quilting answered by Sharla Hicks.

No longer Available

Computer Quilting Made Easy Books

by Sharla Hicks

Check out the following excellent books:

The Computer Quilting Made Easy Series:

Quick Start Guide to Electric Quilt 3

Quick Start Guide to BlockBase

Quick Start Guide to Quilt-Pro 2

Quick Start Guide to Quilt-Pro 2 for the MAC

Quick Reference Guide to 7 PC Quilting Programs

  • Own more than 1 program or Undecided about which Quilting Software is best for you? Then check out the comprehensive "Quick Reference Guide to 7 PC Quilting Programs"!!!
  • NOTE: The upgrades for Creative Impulse 2000, Electric Quilt 4, Quilt-Pro 3, PCQuilt 2 for Windows are NOT reviewed (you will find the OLD version reviews for the programs) and that is the reason why we are blowing out the book at 50% off, for the latest reviews, click here.

NOTE: For information about other computer quilting books, go to the Books Index

Software manuals are often hard to understand by even the most proficient computer "techie." With the arrival of the Computer Quilting Made Easy book series, even quilters who haven't considered using the computer should definitely think again. Sharla Hick's, Computer Quilting Made Easy Series is good for either the novice or the veteran computer quilter. Each book quickly and easily teaches the basics of the quilting software. These books were developed from class outlines used to teach Computer Quilting Classes and evolved into published books, so they are very hands-on friendly.  

NOTE: For information about other computer quilting books and the MOST CURRENT REVIEWS for each software, go to the Software Review Pages.

Use the "Quick Start" way to  find out computer quilting is fast, easy and fun! 
 Start designing quilts faster than you ever thought possible ! 

Computer Quilting Made Easy, Quick Start Guides are crafted by Sharla Hicks, a quilting teacher and computer quilting expert, for the novice computer user but still are meaty enough for the advanced user who needs a "Quick Start" or refresher. Each book is 33 to 38 pages long and has 3 to 11 detailed illustrations per page.  For additional information about the Quick Start Guides for BlockBase, Electric Quilt 3, and Quilt-Pro 2 (PC version), and Quilt-Pro 2 for the Macintosh

Do you know there are over 14 quilting programs on the market between the MAC and the PC programs? Are you confused by the choices? Don't know your options? Are you trying to figure out which one is the best fit for you? Don't fret, Sharla Hicks, a quilting teacher and a computer quilting software expert, has done the legwork so you don't have to! Check out the Computer Quilting Made Easy, Quick Reference Guide to 7 PC Quilting Programs. This 75 page book covers BlockBase, Electric Quilt 3, Creative Impulse, Quilt-Pro 2, QuiltSOFT 4, PCQuilt for Windows, and VQuilt 2 (all M Compatible programs). It is setup in comparison-how-to charts, to help those unsure of which computer program to buy and/or to act as a quick refresher for those who already own 1 or more quilting software programs! Plus find Sharla reviews for Macintosh quilting software that are unpublished and only available here.

IF you haven't purchased a program, don't buy until you have checked out the quickest way to find out which quilting software meets your needs using the clear, concise information in the Quick Reference Guide.

Click here for more information about Sharla R. Hicks, the author of this new and timesaving Computer Quilting Made Easy Series. 

Remember that Computer Quilting Made Easy Books and Quilting Software make wonderful Gifts for friends, loved ones, or even yourself!  

Each Quick Start Guide gives you a: 

  • Quick tour (33-38 pages) of making a computer quilt the way a Quilter would because it is written by a quilting teacher (Sharla Hicks
  • Step-by-step Picture overview of the program. 
  • Reduced reading time of the program manual. 
  • Shortened learning curve. 
  • Hints and Tips, plus do's and don'ts 
  • Low cost way to get to the quilting you love, faster and easier! 
  • Straight-to-the-point in 33-38 pages!  
    • Open Block
    • Color Block  
    • Place Block in a Quilt  
    • Experiment with Quilt  
    • Calculate Yardage  
    • Print  
    • Learn Drawing Tools and Special Features  
    • Export and Import

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