Comprehensive Quilt Software Reviews

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Looking to purchase quilt software, but confused, look at the reviews!

Are you confused by all the quilt software options out there? Sharla Hicks has reviewed all the programs for content, learning curve, operations, functions and more to help you uncover which program will best meet your needs. Most confusion disappears once the reviews are compared.

The quilting software reviews are all listed below for easy browsing. If you still have questions after going through the reviews, let Sharla know via e-mail or call the office's toll free number.


The place to start is a section called Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Quilting Software. This will give you some food for thought as you begin looking at the reviews.


Select the reviews you wish to look at. Look for the for programs that offer a downloadable preview.

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  • We offer 4 types of software and CDs for quilters:
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    1. Quilting software
    2. Other Software To Enhance Your Computer Quilting
    3. Freeware to Enhance your Computer Quilting
    4. CDs for quilters
      • Books that come with Free Bonus CDs of quilting instructions
      • CDs with Block Libraries: paper piecing libraries and regular block libraries
      • CDs with Fabric Scans
      • CD with Redwork patterns
      • CDs with Hoffman Quilt Challenge
      • CD with Quilters Newsletter Magazine (5 years with 170 articles and articles)
  • Books that support or enhance your computer quilting experience (click on the title for the information on the back cover)

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