Traci's Family Page

The Women of Traci's Family

Traci and Sharla at the end of a long photo shoot


Traci with her Grandmothers: Beulah and Vonnie
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Clora, Beulah, Vonnie and Kaye with Traci

Traci with Grandmothers: Clora, Beulah, Vonnie
and Great Aunt Kay.
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Lets not forget the men of the Traci's Family



Traci's brothers, Ruel and Adam with Becca, her niece.


Ruel brought his friend, Alison and Amy joins them for a photo op. 


One Set of Traci's Grandparents
(Sharla's Father)

Clora and Don with Traci


Yes it is true, grandpa
even danced a couple of dances.
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The photo marathon was spent sitting,
coraling Becca, resting, and waiting and waiting!

one of my favorite picture

and the trio of roomates Beulah, Vonnie and Kay (Vonnie and Kay are sisters) enjoyed themselves with visiting, visiting and more visiting, plus some gift wrapping on the side.


Traci and Becca
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