May 2002: Issue 12
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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From the Keyboard of Sharla Hicks

As spring is blossoming and the cobwebs of winter are shrugged off, often thoughts turn to sprucing up the home and sewing room with a good organizing session known as spring cleaning, learning new ideas or creating that perfect memory quilt or project for loved ones. We have something for all these areas with new tutorials and some great products like our new Crafts on Wheel, the ultimate in Tote bags, the Altos Quilt Cut to speed up strip piece cutting, and many new books. And the best news is Electric Quilt is working on their latest release, Electric Quilt 5 and we are offering quite a deal on Preorders and clearancing our old stock on Electric Quilt 4 and related books. Read on for more information.

Computer Quilting Upgrade News:

Electric Quilt 5 is being released

Spring and early summer is bringing us more software news from Electric Quilt, they are upgrading their program to Version 5. Shipping now click here If you are running a Windows 95 system, EQ5 will NOT run on it, look at Electric Quilt 4.

If you are a previous owner of Electric Quilt 4 you should have received your upgrade notice in the mail. If you did not, contact Electric Quilt Company directly and make sure you are registered.

This newsletter brings you several new tutorials:

My feature article this month is a quick tutorial for Organized Expressions to get you up and going quickly.

Spring organizing and cleaning made easier with Organized Expressions™. Take a look and see how this Organized Expressions can help track inventory (called stashes), purchases, class information and documentation of projects. It can also help you track location of inventory, loaned out items. Pre-listed companies and their line of products like fabric and threads speed up recording personal inventory. .

The archived information is also very helpful at tax time, accepted by insurance companies, downloadable to your Palm Pilots and can be opened in Word or other desktop publishing programs. You can even track and open other files word process files and pictures directly from Organized Expressions to expand and track what you have done for documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

May is a time of celebrations and memory making as Mother and Fathers day, weddings and graduation come around. This often turns our interest toward creating that special memory quilt or project for loved ones. After many questions coming my way about Photo Transfer paper, I have written a FAQ with Instructions on how to apply Photo Transfer Paper to fabric, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, coasters. Check it out at:

Check out our full line of photo transfer products, with Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Rinse being some of our most popular and for those who prefer the ready to go fabric without the mess, we also added June Tailor Colorfast (sew in) and Quickfuse (iron-on) Printer Fabrics in BULK packages to reduce your costs for these easy to products. Our printer fabric comes in two colors, White and Cream, right now we have an overstock on Cream so we are having an Overstock Sale. The Cream is lovely off white that does not change the appearance of you printout. We also have many helpful books covering memory quilts, fabric printing and photo transfer. We also have added Ensure and Orvus Paste for gentle cleaning of your memory quilts. Check out the complete line at:

Electric Quilt and Quilt Pro continue to be the two most popular programs we sell. This newsletter continues to bring to you a series of articles for both programs that are helpful in expanding your skills. Be aware that the tutorials for both programs can give you ideas for the other program as many of the approaches can be applied to both, so take the time to look at them.

Electric Quilt: Patti Anderson, an expert in EQ who teaches EQ and other computer quilting related classes at Quilt University talks about developing, fitting, and printing simple designs good for quiting lines in borders. This is excellent information.

Quilt-Pro: Frank Smith, our resident guru for Quilt-Pro, continues to add to his Quilt-Pro Series with 3 new additions. We have more in the wings waiting, but thought 3 was enough to digest in one sitting. Frank has finished his border series and added two other tips.

For more information on purchasing Quilt-Pro for the PC or MAC click here


NEW Organizational Products in our store.

We have spent the last several months shifting through organization totes and boxes to bring you the best we could find. We have found several items that will make going to classes, traveling or sprucing up by adding beauty to the sewing room easier.

Quilter totes move over, the new Crafts on Wheels is THE ultimate tote. This new healthy luggage (doctor recommended) is designed specifically for crafters with over 50 organizational pouches, zippered pockets, accordian file folders and velcroed partitions. The 4 wheeled tote is designed to be easily pulled and even has won awards for its excellent design. The tote is very strong because it is encased by a light weight piping that can hold another 150 pounds on top. The piping also acts as a protector for your sewing machine to prevent crushing from other luggage or heavy items stored on top. click here to check out all the Crafts on Wheels features and optional accessories.


Look over our new line of nested decorator boxes in both fabric and beautiful paper. Add beauty to any setting that serves double duty as organizers. Click on your favorite box below.

We also are featuring a very lightweight plastic Dura Tote Art Box with strong buckle to keep the lid very tight. Includes a very durable nylon shoulder strap that is both soft and strong. The strap is used to reinforce the bottom of the tote making it an excellent choice to carry heavier items like a small design board, portable iron and the large one is big enough for a quilt. The Dura Tote is a excellent for carrying supplies to class.



Marti Michell Templates, Rulers and Books

We have the latest book Six is for Hexagons, Easy 60 Degree Equilaterial rulers and the Hexagon templates and related 60 degree Equilateral Triangle. What makes the From Marti Michell hexagon and Equilateral Triangle Rulers unique and so simple to use? She uses the ONLY consistent measurement for a Hexagon or Equilateral Triangle, the side measurement. This allows the mixing and matching of all Hexagon and Minature Template Sets..

Also check out her new Diagonal Corner Set Triangle rulers for on-point quilts set-in triangles

New Rulers and Quilt Cutters

We have a great price on our Altos Quilt Cut. It is an all inclusive system for cutting that holds your fabric, not MORE slippage. It is very popular with users. One customer who had some slight shipping damage begged us not to send for pick up till the very last second because she did not think she could live without it for a day.



New problems arising on our Link page. Your help requested to help us maintain quality resource quilting links.

We are sorry to report over the last few months some of our favorite quilt links are no longer have a presence on the web and that their domain names have lasped. This is the natural course of things and causes the dreaded NOT found message we all hate to see. But even worse in 2 instances that we know of, links on our extensive link pages now went directly to offending website. There seems to be a trend that as domain names lapse, those less than scrupleous site owners are snatching them up and redirecting them so that they look like active links to our link checker programs and yet they are going to an offensive or at the very least an unrelated site.
I thank those of you who have taken the time to let me know of this problem. AND I would really appreciate if you happen to run into a dead link or WORSE yet, a link that now goes to an unrelated and possibly offensive site, PLEASE let us know. We will remove that link immediately.
May all your time Computer Quilting be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the VIRTUAL QUILT GALLERY!!
Sharla Hicks

Editor of Computer Quilting BYTES

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Articles and additions by Sharla Hicks

New addition to the Electric Quilt Hints and Tips Series by Patti Anderson

New additions to the Quilt-Pro Hints and Tips Series by Frank Smith.

Frank has worked hard on helping you better manage creating and adjusting borders to fit your quilts. Here are two installments since our newsletter.

New Products including ways to organize your class supplies and sewing rooms with Craft on Wheels, nesting boxes and carrying cases showcased in this newsletter, click here