Kathleen Bissett's Exhibit Incorporates using the following: Photo Deluxe, Digital Camera and Stitch Painter  

Kathleen Bissett

Kathleen is an avid quilter and quilt teacher who lectures and gives workshop at Guilds and Conferences. Her work has been published in Canadian and Japanese magazines. She has taken an interest in computer quilting and developed a series classes introducing computer quilting options available to quilters. Kathleen is also a consummate volunteer who has contributed greatly to the Canadian Quilters community and was awarded the Dorothy McMurdie Award for her efforts. In 1992, Kathleen was the Folk-Artist-in-Residence at the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum, became President of the CQA/ACC, and had her first solo quilt exhibit at the museum. She authored Commemorative Quiltmaking for her exhibit and the show she curated in 1995, The State of the Art: Quilting Today Exhibit for the museum. To read more about Kathleen, her awards, accomplishments, activities, plus see more of her quilts, click here.

About the following Quilts: The quilts below have been developed as part of a Coffee Table Series. These quilts can sit on a coffee table and the tiny modules (one as small as 7 1/2") can be rearranged in any number of setting arrangements.

Star Dance
(Real Quilt in Fabric!)

This is one module of Star Dance's six modules sections. It was the first quilt in a series called The Coffee Table Series. A module of this quilt was photographed with a digital camera and imported into Photo Deluxe. In Photo Deluxe, it was duplicated and the pieces arranged in various setting. 4 of many possible arrangements are show below.

Program & Equipment used: Digital Camera and Photo Deluxe
Finished Size: each module is 8 1/2" equilateral triangles
Date Created: 1994

Digital Delight 


 Module created in Stitch Painter Module size is: 7 1/2"
Date Created: 1998


4 arrangement of many possible solutions.
Digital Delight was created in Stitch Painter so Kathleen could experiment with using a graphic program to create quilts. She created one module, then duplicated the image and experimented with the arrangements. Remember, each section is a 7 1/2" bound section allowing for individual movement of each module into multiple arrangements.
To Contact Maker: Kathleen Bissett
From: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
e-mail: Kathleen Bissett <kgbissett@golden.net>
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