Bonnie McCaffery's Exhibit

Created in Corel Draw 5 & Real Fabric
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Bonnie McCaffery's Exhibit

Description: As Kaleidoscope quilts are one of Bonnie's specialties, she wanted to create one that incorporates several of the techniques she has developed. So this one is foundation pieced, with 1/8" gold metallic ribbon added to the wedges. Before the wedges are sewn together, batting filled tubes are added, giving this kaleidoscope real dimension.


 Corel Draw 5 image


Real Quilt in Fabric


Maker: Bonnie McCaffery is a Quilting Teacher who lectures and gives workshop at Guilds and Conferences and has had her work published in many magazines and books
From: Hawley, PA, USA,
Name of Quilt: Dimensional Kaleidoscope II
Finished Size: Hopefully 40" x 40"
Date Created: 1997
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