Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery

Carola Forsberg's Exhibit

A Swedish quiltmaker who uses Electric Quilt 4 & 5, Repligator, and EyeCandy.

Carola is a self-taught quiltmaker from a small town in Sweden, called Vargarda. She studied fine art in college where she introduced her school to the art of quilting in 1990. The following year the college began offering a quilting class, and has continued ever since. She enjoys sewing, hand printing on fabrics, dyeing fabric with reactive and batik coloring, marbling, and designing her own virtual fabrics with EQ5, Repligator, and EyeCandy. Carola is also a member of Quilt Scandinavia.

You can see more of Carola Fosberg's quilt and textile designs at her Yahoo site: She can be contacted by e-mail at:

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Name of Quilt: Alexander's Ship (EQ4)


(the real quilt)


(the EQ4 design)

"Made from a pattern that I have got from Liz Ginebaugh, Michigan and I have her permission to use it. The coloring And the borders on that one I have done myself." Carola

Name of Quilt: The Yellow Quilt(EQ5)


(the real quilt)


(the EQ5 design)

"I sewed this design first and then I made the digital one In EQ5. At the time I made “The Yellow Quilt” I hadn't heard of ElectricQuilt. I used the fabulous “Pandora’s Box”. I just love those pink templates." Carola
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