Jane Ede's Exhibit

Electric Quilt 3, CorelDraw™ 5 and Husqy #1+ embroidery/sewing machine

Jan Writes about herself: In 94 I "retired" from working and started arting around ... my buddy introduced me a group of ladies who met every Wed. morning to quilt and chat and have coffee in each other homes. I had an old (25 years plus) cathedral window project in my attic which came out .... I finished that in a few months into a lovely wall hanging ... and from those Wed. mornings learned that quilting was a lot more than I had ever thought about. It changed my life ... I've been addicted for 4 years now ... but I have always sewn so quilting was a normal transition ... now I have a computerized sewing machine that embroiders ... well the future is full of ideas and where I go from here, who knows? Actually, I never planned on making bed sized quilts, only wall hangings and miniatures, but here I am on my second full size quilt ... the first one I made won me the new sewing machine ... which spurred me onto this one .. the next one...I have a box of exotic silk, satins, velvets etc that beckons ...

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Real Quilt in Fabric
closeups of quilt

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Electric Quilt and CorelDRAW™ 5 used in designing the quilt


Name: Jan Ede
Pender Island, BC, Canada
Created in:
EQ3 & Corel Draw 5
Finished Size:
74 x 98
summer 98
Jan writes:
Made for Thimbleberries challenge, but technical difficulties prevented its completion in time. Muslin fabric is tea dyed to get graduated tones. The rose centers are digitized and then embroidered on my Husqy #1+ embroidery/sewing machine. The crazy quilt type stitches on the fans (which were paper pieced) are combinations from those on my machine and all applique is done by machine.
The design was developed in EQ3. Corel Draw 5 was used to draft the arcs for grandmother's Fan blocks so they could be paper pieced onto, the paper worked great as a stabilizer for all the fancy stitches, too. I used Corel to draw these arcs as they needed to be printed out onto legal size paper, else I would have had to tape sheets together, and there were 28 of them. Corel draw is great in that I can use the contour function to add my seam allowances as needed. I use it a lot when I finalize my quilt plans, to print out sheets of all the different blocks needed, which is the feature lacking in quilting software itself, right now anyway.
The challenge in this quilt came when, after I had come up with a design in EQ3 that I liked, found that the half yard cuts of fabric I had collected would only yield me 3 blocks at most and not four. So then I found I needed to piece the background blocks, this gave me the great diagonals, and added some dimension behind the old fashioned appliques. It was great to be able to play with colors in EQ3, thanks to Barb Vlacks irregular grid idea, with my original design.