Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery

Nancy Hastings-Trew's Exhibit
Created in CorelDRAW 7
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Nancy Hastings-Trew's Exhibit

About Nancy: Nancy is a graphic designer with an expertise in CorelDraw! who has not had time to quilt the last few years but when she came upon this Virtual Quilt Gallery, decided she could again quilt at least in the virtual world of her computer. She whipped up these 3 quilts in a day using CorelDRAW. We are very pleased to say that Nancy has agreed to write an occasional article about how to use CorelDraw for Computer Quilting in our Computer Quilting Bytes Newsletter. Her first article on using the Clone Tool to create Quilts is in the July 1998 issue!

CorelDRAW 7 images 

Description: The red and white quilt uses block size distortion and the next two quilts were created using Color shift.

Name: Nancy Hastings-Trew
From: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Program Quilt Created in: Corel Draw 7
Name of Quilt: (I don't name them!)
Finished Size: (well, they are virtual only, so size doesn't matter)
Date Created: April, 1998