Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery

using Multiple Programs together

Examples using Electric Quilt and/or Windows Paint or Paint Shop Pro together. Examples using CorelDraw & Quilt-Pro together
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Every effort has been made to condense the file size BUT: Remember Picture Files take longer to load!
Diane Collins' Exhibit
Created in Electric Quilt 3 and Windows Paint
Click here to enter Diane's Full Size Gallery
Jan Ede's Exhibit:
Created in Electric Quilt 3 and CorelDraw 5
Click here to enter Jan's Full Size Gallery with close-ups

 Connie Grandinetti's Exhibit:
Created in Electric Quilt 3 and Paint Shop Pro
Click here to enter Connie's Full Size Gallery

Sharla Hicks' Exhibit
These quilts have never seen the light of fabric only the virtual world of a computer file ;-(
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