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Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery

Paul Max Payton's Exhibit

Incorporates using a program developed by Paul. See details below.

  • For more information about Computer Quilting Software and how to order, go here!

Paul Max Payton from Burlingame, California (USA) writes:

"I've written well over twenty thousand lines of C which produce tile elements (squares and equilateral triangles), affinely warp them into other shapes, and tessellate them in any of the seventeen different two-dimensional crystallographic groups (a la Escher). My code runs on a Macintosh (Symantec C++) and ports to any computer easily. It keeps my G3 and my Sun workstation humming along."

"The little guys I'm enclosing I call FRACTILES (because they tile and they are self-similar like fractals). I create huge tessellations of these called IMBREX (Latin for 'tile'). In fact, this Christmas, I created a massive one square yard print, 11520x11520 pixels CMYK true color which I printed out and had nicely framed. It was a present for my mother."

Pual's images are large in size with the smallest one being 2048x2048 pixels. One single image is a gigabyte in size (it fills a Jaz disk). It drives the folks down at Kinkos crazy.

2014 additions to Paul's work:

Pentagonal Stardust by  by Paul Max Payton
Pentagonal Stardust by by Paul Max Payton copyright 2014

Lace Snowflake by Paul Max Payton
Lace Snowflake by Paul Max Payton copyright 2014

Triskelion Equipotential by Paul Max Payton

Triskelion Equipotential by Paul Max Payton copyright 2014

FRACTILES by Paul Max Payton copyright 1999

Program: Paul's own program that he has written for creating these Imbrex images
Finished Size: pixel image, no size
Date Created: 1999
Paul writes: I use image processing and Boolean algebra to make the FRACTILES, then assemble them using some really complex but elegant trigonometry to make my IMBREX. I map colors into different color spaces (e.g., RGB, CMYK, CIE, YUV, YIQ) and fuse them in layers to create the finished works. It's all highly mathematical.

FRACTILES by Paul Max Payton copyright 1999


Fractiles by Paul Max Payton
FRACTILES by Paul Max Payton copyright 1999
detail fractiles by Paul Max Payton

Paul writes: My education is in computer science and mathematics. My undergraduate degree is CompSci and I've done graduate work in image processing. I was the youngest person to be given a staff position in Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center. My work is in image understanding, photogrammetry, and specialized applications of computational geometry in cartography and geographic information systems. I've published over fifty articles, including several book chapters. My hobbies are algorithmic art and poetry/calligrammes..

To Contact Makerm, Paul Payton, e-mail:

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