Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery

Sharla Hicks' Exhibit
using CorelDraw & Quilt-Pro


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Sharla Hicks' Exhibit

    These quilts have never seen the light of fabric only the virtual world of a computer file ;-(
    For more information on how to create quilts using CorelDraw powerful tools, refer to April 1998 issue of Sharla's Computer Quilting BYTES, a free e-mail newsletter. Sharla is also the author of the Computer Quilting Made Easy Series offered on this Website. She has a working knowledge of over 15 different quilting and graphic software programs.
    The following are NOT thumbnails, they are small examples only,
    Created in CorelDRAW 8.

    Original Quilt from Quilt-Pro

    Envelope in CorelDRAW

    Envelope in CorelDRAW

    Bitmap Swirl available in CorelDRAW 8 or PhotoPaint in earlier versions

    Bitmap Glass block available in CorelDRAW 8 or PhotoPaint in earlier versions

 Created using CorelDraw 6 in 1995



Created using Quilt-Pro 2
Additional Sample Quilts from each of the Quilting Programs created by Sharla are shown on the Computer Quilting Software Review Pages.


    Maker: Sharla Hicks, author and publisher of Computer Quilting Made Easy Books
    From: Anaheim, CA, USA
    Created: 1997
    Software Used: Quilt-Pro 2 and CorelDRAW 6
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