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Sheila Williams' Exhibit
using Quilt-Pro
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Sheila Williams' Exhibit

    Sheila has an extensive background in computer systems and after retiring from 21 years in the Marines, she moved to Temecula, California and started up a Computer Consulting Business. One of her specialities is being an expert in all the Computer Quilting Programs available on the market. She gives lectures and workshops throughout Southern California.

Created using Quilt-Pro 2
Maker: Sheila Williams
From: Temecula, California, USA
Software Used: Quilt-Pro 2.6
Name of Quilt: Quilting Stencil Test
Size: N/A
Created: April/May 98
Web Site:

Sheila tells us: This Quilt is an answer to a question that was asked on the Quilt-Pro List wanting to know if it is possible to place quilting on a quilt in QP. In this example I opened the "All Kinds Variation" Block. I then opened the "Swirl Background Stencil" and applied it to the block. I then saved the block/stencil combination with a new name. I created a quilt layout, then opened the block/stencil combination block in the new layout. To apply the "Sway Stencil Border," I clicked in the quilt where I wanted the stencil to appear then clicked on "Open" under Border. I then scrolled through the borders until I located the "Swag Stencil Border," clicked on it and then clicked on "OK". I then applied color to border..

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