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Computer Quilting Made Easy at Soft Expressions

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Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery

Quilts Do Not have to be in Fabric,
Computer Screen Quilts are just fine or both would be absolutely GREAT!

For more information about Computer Quilting Software and how to order, go here!

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ADD your Computer Quilt File and optional photograph of your real fabric Quilt

It does not matter what program you used, Quilting, Graphic or Something else. If you are using any of the following programs you can send the program file or a Jpeg file of the image/quilt/photo attached to your e-mail: The more variety we have here the better! If you need additional instructions on how to create, attach, or submit files, ask me via e-mail. Please include your bio and quilt profile information listed at the bottom of this section.
  • Quilt Software that I can use to develope the image for the Website:
    • Bargello
    • BlockBase
    • Creative Impulse
    • Electric Quilt 3
    • Foundation Factory
    • QuiltSOFT 4
    • Quilt-Pro 2
    • PCQuilt for Windows
    • VQuilt 2
  • In Graphic programs
    • CorelDRAW 5, 6, 7, or 8
    • PhotoPaint (corel's version)
    • Windows Paint
    • Power Point.
      • Otherwise send a small Jpeg or Gif file at 72 DPI, keep size to under 300-400 width and 15-25 KB. We can scan any real quilt pictures if needed but please include a SASE for return of photo if you want it returned!
      • Hint: To keep the detail more intact BEFORE converting to Jpeg or Gif:
1. Save the file first at 300 DPI
2. Change/convert/resample to the 300 DPI ---to---72 DPI
3. Then save/export as a Jpeg or Gif (target size 15-25 KB)

Include the following information with your e-mail: The easiest way is to Copy & Paste the following into your e-mail, then fill in pertinent information

  • Your Name:
  • Where you are from: City, State, & Country
  • Program Quilt Created in:
  • Name of Quilt:
  • Finished Size of Quilt if applicable:
  • Date Created:
  • Small Description:
  • e-mail:
  • Url:
  • A brief bio about yourself:

NOTE: As space runs out, I will have to remove older exhibits to add new ones but I do not think this will be a problem for quite sometime!