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Sue McClure's Exhibit

created using Electric Quilt 3 & Quilt-Pro 2

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Sue McClure's Exhibit

Sue creates quilts using several different programs and computer tools like printers and scanners, here are 2 examples


    Real Quilt using Scanner to create Photo Images, Printer To Print Directly on Muslin, and Quilt-Pro 2 to establish the layout of the Photo Images


 Maker: Sue McClure
From: Castleton, New York, USA
Quilt Name: CHG Album (mother's initials)
Software Used: Used Scanner, Printer and Quilt-Pro to create this Quilt.
Size: 17" by 34"

Description: Sue created this small quilt for her mother's 80th birthday. She wrote the following: "I only used the photos that I'd somehow gotten from her over the years, so it wasn't as representative of her life as I wanted it to be, but have since gotten a whole album of photos (now that it's no longer a surprise!) that I can use to make another! ...

I looked at lots of other memory quilts in books and on the web to get ideas as to how to do this, but really wanted to make it look like an album, so created this design. I am sure I got the idea for the black squares in the corners elsewhere ( so it looks like the way photos used to be put into REAL albums), but I'm not sure ones I've seen had them done the 3-D way I did (by backing the fabric with another layer and turning right side out, then tacking them in place with the black corners).

DO think the "book" was an original idea, though - and I was able to use Quilt-Pro 2 to draw the outer shape so it would look like a book and then placed the photos on top of that (don't think I could do that in EQ, at least I couldn't figure out how to draw an unusual shape there!). I wanted to use the striped fabric on the edges so it would look like pages, and someone in the QP group was kind enough to send directions on how to turn the striped fabric in the library on its side so I could have it running in both directions at the same time!

Real Quilt created using Electric Quilt 3 to create blocks

that were printed on Muslin and then used as blocks for Quilt




Maker: Sue McClure
From: Castleton, New York, USA
Created: Sept.1997
Software Used: Electric Quilt 3
Size: 24" square with the small quilts held by ladies measuring 4". The miniatures are printed on Muslin
See EQ3 examples below



Sue created the above quilt for her Eastside Quilters Guild Challenge celebrating their 5th Anniversary. It's a fairly small (25" square) with the Samples shown to left measuring 4" across. The original ideas was to paper piece the reproductions of the guilds raffle quilts in miniature but, Sue realized that would be almost impossible on such a small scale, so she decided to print them on muslin. Each printed blocked was backed and sewn together like an envelope, after turning them right side out, she machine quilted each little block. The women holding the quilts were appliqued down with fusible webbing. The women's hands were used as the place to tack the quilts to the larger quilt square. Sue was delighted when this little gem won first place in the challenge!