Donna Collin's Exhibit

Basic block created in Electric Quilt 3
All Other Construction Done in Windows Paint

In Donna's Words: I've been quilting for 15 years, the last three years I've been doing more and more quilt-related work on my PC. It's addicting and the almost instant gratification wakes it worth the effort and time. Don't you think? I do the majority of my work with the most basic tools I can find. I'm going to attempt to share my techniques through my home page at


"Virtual Exercise 1"
Date Created: March 1, 1999
Programs used: Electric Quilt 3 and Windows Paint
Just having a little fun, twisting and turning bit by bit, pixel by pixel.
Maker: Donna Collins
From: Denton, TX, USA
e-mail: Donna Collins <>
Website with more information on Donna's Techniques