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I am having trouble with my printer when printing from Electric Quilt 3.

NOTE: This problem has been eleminated in Electric Quilt 4 & 5 (probably time to upgrade.) See Penny McMorris's answer below.

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Questions answered by Penny McMorris, owner of Electric Quilt Company

**If you have problems printing:

Please give us as much information as you can by phone, fax or e-mail. This would include the following:

1. Exact make and model number of your printer; if you mention 2 printers, are they both hooked up to the same port by a switch box, or are they on separate ports? Which printer is set as default?2. Which system are you printing from:

- Windows 95?
- Windows 3.x?

3. What problem are you having:

- I've never printed anything from EQ
- It used to print, but now doesn't
- It prints a partial page, then locks up
- It sometimes prints fine, then doesn't, then does again
- It prints garbage all over my printout
- It prints a blank page, or a page with a few random characters at the top
- It prints from everything except "Screen Image"
- It prints blocks in the wrong size

Each of these problems has a different solution. Some problems involve EQ3
or BlockBase. Some problems do not actually involve EQ3 or BlockBase, but
involve your system itself, or the way your printer is set up to print from
DOS. The more we know, the easier a time we'll have determining your
special problem.

4. What is your EQ3 serial number?

**General Helps: These things are the solutions to many printing problems in Electric Quilt 3 -- does not apply to Electric Quilt 4 which does not have the printer problems associated with EQ3.

1. The "garbage on my printouts" problem can usually be solved by:

In EQ3, choosing Preferences from the PROJECTS menu and clicking to remove the check from the "Use EMS" box.

2. The "nothing prints" problem:

is often caused by your printer not being set to print anything from DOS. To test this do a DOS print test from your C:\> prompt. To get to a C:\> prompt in Windows 3.X: choose the DOS prompt icon. To get to a C:\> prompt from Windows 95: choose Start - Programs - MS DOS Prompt - type: CD\(then press Enter) - type: DIR>PRN (press Enter).

If nothing prints, then your printer is not set to print from DOS and you need to contact your printer manufacturer and ask for help printing a DOS print test. Then we can help you print from the program.

3. The "sometimes it prints and sometimes it does not" problem:

is often solved by doing the following in Windows 95:

1. In Win 95 choose Start - Settings - Printers.
2. Click once on your printer name, to highlight it.
3. Choose FILE, make sure "Set As Default" is checked.
4. Choose Properties from the FILE menu.
5. Choose the Details tab.
6. Choose the Spool Settings button.
7. Click on "Print Directly to Printer." OK this.
8. Click on the Port Settings button.
9. Click to remove all the checks. OK this and close all of the dialog boxes.

4. The "prints a blank page" problem:

is often a Win 95 problem caused by not having an updated file in Windows 95. It can be solved by downloading a free file from Microsoft. For more information please e-mail us.

We will do our best to help everyone who may be having problems printing. We have updated information on our Web site, that gives the information we know about printing to date.

Penny McMorris
The Electric Quilt Company

Note from Sharla Hicks: These problems have been cleared up in EQ4. If you have not upgraded, I would suggest doing so.


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