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Should I Upgrade my Computer Quilting Program?

by Sharla R. Hicks, © January 1999

Electric Quilt, Quilt-Pro, QuiltSOFT, Creative and PCQuilt have or are upgrading or will upgrade in the future, making the question, "I don't know if I need the upgrade my quilt software, is it worth it?" important, plus you are spending your hard earned dollars, so I am going to address the question here.

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With the recent upgrade for Quilt-Pro, Electric Quilt, PCQuilt and Creative Impulse this spring, I have been asked the following quite frequently, "I don't know if I need the upgrade, is it worth it?" Because this question is important and you are spending your hard earned dollars, I am going to address the question here.

I give an emphatic YES. FYI: As a mail order company I receive nothing for upgrades, they are ordered directly from the software companies but I still say YES. Then, why? FIRST and MOST important, upgrades are always greatly reduced in $$$'s, usually half price and in the case of some quilting software, often up to two-thirds off. Electric quilt is offering a great $30 upgrade price right now, far under the regular $110 price tag.

From my personal experience, I have never been sorry that I have purchased an upgrade. Each time I have, the program was easier to use, had more blocks, projects, fabrics (when applicable), and enhanced features that seemed well worth the additional price. Below are few of the reasons why this happens:

  • Upgrades always include the some of the dreams the programmers could not figure out or have time to work on in the last release.
  • Upgrades always include some of what the current users have been begging for over the duration of the last release.
  • Upgrades often, not always, fix clunky poorly designed features that users complained about in the last release. (Note: It is worth your time to complain constructively to the program developers!)
  • Upgrades usually capitalize on new technology like new operating systems, both Quilt-Pro and EQ are maximizing on Windows 95 technology this time around.
  • Upgrades utilize the faster processing capabilities of newer computers. This allows for more complicated enhancements done in less time.

What does that mean to you the end user?

It means that more and more of your creative work can be completed in your quilting program. Many of the enhancements that are being added to the quilting programs are similar to the ones found the graphic programs but with a quilter overlay. The quilter mind set of the programs is what is making various quilting software the programs of choice for traditional and innovative quilters!

STILL undecided because you really are not using the program?

For those of you who have not gotten around to learning the last version you purchased, the above may not be enough reason for you cough up more $'s on unsed software. Before you make up your mind, here are a few things to think about:

  • When you purchased your quilt program you had every intention of learning the program and moving forward. Bottom line, you simply have not had time or the right motivator.
  • When the right motivator comes along and you take the time to learn the program, you will begin to search out others doing the same thing and you will find very few fellow quilters using or supporting the older versions with books, Internet mail lists and website information.
  • Plus, the biggest reason to upgrade is price -- when you do become interested, the upgrade option may be GONE. Many companies, not all, set time limits on the upgrade window of opportunity or charge extra to upgrade 2-3 levels. If you upgrade at the time of upgrade release offer you will be receiving the best price and best window of opportunity.

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