Sharla has pulled together a very extensive set links for the computer quilter that are are divided into easy-to-use categories for faster browsing .

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Links to Helpful Information and Products for Computer Quilting


Computer Quilting Links

  1. Computer Quilters Sharing their Knowledge and Projects
    • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
    • Books for Computer Quilting
    • Clipart and Fonts
    • CorelDRAW users
    • Miscellaneous Information that is helpful
    • Newsletters
    • Printers and Computer Quilting with Photo Transfer, printing directly on fabric and more
    • Scan Tips for Quilters
    • Internet instructions like acronym, e-mail etiquette
    • Windows Customized for Quilters
  2. Computer Quilters Sharing Information on Quilt Software
    • Books for Computer Quilting and Supporting Quilt Software
    • Computer Quilting Classes and Teachers
    • Electric Quilt
    • Newsletters that cover both Computer Quilting and Quilt Software
    • Quilt Galleries using Computer Quilting
    • Quilt-Pro Products: Quilt-Pro & Foundation Factory
    • Round Robins using Quilt Software
  3. Gold Mine of Tutorials to Graphic Programs
  4. Reviews for Computer Quilting Software
  5. Quilting Software and Books
  6. Other helpful stuff to create Computer Quilts
    • Other Software and Software Books that can be used to create Quilts
    • Other Products that Computer Quilters might find helpful
    • Java Applets for Fun Ideas for Quilting
    • Screen Saver Shareware
    • Freeware
  7. Web Site Tools for those who want to develop their own Web Page