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Hints and Tips on a Variety of Topics

Hints and Tips to using software programs, printing on fabric with Inkjet Inks, photo transfer, book reviews and more!



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Books for Computer Quilting


  • Computer Quilting books for some of the quilting software, color printing, and more found here at Computer Quilting Made Easy at Soft Expressions
  • Gloria Hansen's website co-author of The Quilter's Computer Companion and the Free Stuff on the Internet Series (which we happen to carry on this website).


Clipart with a Quilting or Sewing slant or Really Cool Fonts

  • An Archive of American Quilt Designs New and developing archive of animated quilt designs utilizing photos, graphics, schematic drawings. The site also includes a separate section on designs focusing on Themes of Motion, along with a selected quilt design bibliography.
  • This Clip Art Directory designed to help its users find the clip art information, source, companies, products and services. It's your one-stop destination for anything you can think about clip art.
  • Vikimouse, over 1000 original designs many of them quilting and craft related. Be sure to read the top of the table for the password info needed to enter the pages, it is freely given.
  • FontFontFinder index page to those hard to find fonts that are available for purchase
  • Fontasia can't find the font you want for that special quilt label? Try here!
  • Quilting Clipart: Susan Druding has done it again! She has ferreted out some great resources for ClipArt and threw in some Web Tool hints also! Also check out her extensive page of links to Clipart.

CorelDRAW users



Miscellaneous Information that is helpful or fun

  • Acronyms used in e-mail and Chat Rooms
  • Everything Find the ins and outs of creating effective e-mail.
  • (mar) The Windows Troubleshooting Site
  • Internet NETtiquette This describes the core rules of netiquette-- short and sweet
  • The Netiquette home page-- lots of info including an online quiz to check your netiquette savvy.
  • (mar) Help with windows troubleshooting
  • (oct) Visual Effects: This link rich directory takes you to all things visual effects related. Find good information about other helpful software for to help you create special effects in quilts.
  • Webopedia -- do all those computer terms throw you for a loop and a search of the internet just gives you gibberish? Then check out Webopedia quick definitions and included resources for more inforamtion.


  • Computer Quilting BYTES very informative, free newsletter for Computer Quilters found here at Soft Expressions covering all aspects of computer quilting, including software reviews, hints and tips, instructional articles and more.
  • Quilter's Review: Sharon Daring is offering this meaty little newsletter weekly and free of charge. Well worth subscribing! Quilting reviews for techniques, books, classes, quilt show, browsing the web, getting the most out of your computer and much more of interest. Check it out!

Printers and Computer Quilting with Photo Transfer, printing directly on fabric and more

Scantips Tips for Quilters

  • Scantips extensive list of tips and lessons to help anyone get started on scanning quality images, especially the fabric we all love.
  • (aug) Gloria Hansen is offering scanning tips for fabric

Website Tips for Quilters

Windows Customized for Quilters