Website Tools

These are web sites that Sharla has found very helpful and would recommend browsing to help you get started.


Want to Create a Web Site?
Here are some links that Sharla has found helpful!


Website Tools

Browsers for the Internet

  • (apr) Opera an Internet Browser alternative to Netscape, AOL or Internet Explorer that lets you control cookies

Cascading Style Sheets

  • Cascading style sheets this is a jumping off point to more references on the internet
  • Useit.com Alert Box by Jakob Nielsen's. Short, clear explanation of cascading style sheets and the rules of implementation to follow when creating them

Creating a Web Page

  • Bobby check out what your web page looks like in all the different browsers by using this site
  • Colormatch view your color choices for text, background and links with interactive chart that developes the html codes for you, cut and paste into your code
  • Dreamweaver support center
  • Grandma's House lots of resources and ideas freely shared!
  • HTML TUTORIAL by Terry Lynn Crawford Pierce. Concise and to the point
  • Internet Tips and Secrets many interesting tips and secrets, for the beginer and the advance user including how to make your own webring if you wish.
  • (jul) QuiltPro Directory of Quilt Shops includes a free quilter's guide to placing and promoting your business on the web.
  • So you want to make a Web Page Courstesty of Delphi
  • A Standard for Robot Exclusion coding needed to exclude robot search when needed
  • Smart FTP a shareware FTP program for uploading you websites that looks very good.
  • Tune up your Website for Free
  • Webmonkey more info on how to create web pages and much more
  • Web Tutor this is the best tutorial I have found for the beginner and not so beginner who wants to to do their own tweaking without having to delve headlong into the theory of wherefores and why nots. Cut out the chase, and get right down to the creation basics of a web page. It even has a downloadable Web Tutor so you can work any time you want and not have to be connected to the Internet

Digital Cameras


Free web space to add your own information


Graphics on the Web

  • ArtToday.com has 40,000 free images you can access and for $29.95 you can access over 750,000
  • Backgrounds many very usable, unique and wonderful backgrounds
  • Flaming Text this has a section that will generate headers and buttons for you, plus free graphics for buttons, headers, arrows, backgrounds, and more
  • Free Motion Quilting and Graphics several scenarios of free graphics for a web page with really incredible borders, buttons and more! Then explore the rest of this excellent site for articles and more!
  • Gif vs Jpeg when to use for quilt image, browse the article by Susan Drudring at Mining Company

Trouble Shooting Windows