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  • Fabric & Quilt swapping We have a group of people who are swapping one-on-one or as a group. Everyone is invited inside or outside the USA. You can post a swap or join one that is going on now. Swaps range from one square upwards of yards. If it has to do with quilting it is being swapped here (patterns, books, notions, blocks, charms, scraps). One quilters trash is another ones treasures.
  • Fabric Stash  "live" Chat room and On-line catalog
  • Info-EQ: Mail list for EQ and BlockBase users
  • Longarm List for users of commercial longarm quilting machines like Gammil
  • LongarmChat has a chat room, forums and galleries
  • About.com Quiting Resource page by Susan Druding outstanding source and meaty information for quilters! Also has Chat
  • Machine Quilting Professional discussion group has been formed to share ideas, problems and any issues that impact users of hand-guided quilting machines
  • National On-Line Quilters Home challenges, sharing, chat room access and much more
  • Planet Patchwork Rob Holland has created an extensive site covering a little of everything on a wide variety of quilting topics. Includes a nice mix of freebies and commercial information. Also has Chat forum.
  • Planet Patchwork's sponsored Quiltopia Free forum to discuss quilting
  • QuiltArt Free Internet mailing list with a bent toward the art of the quilt
  • QuiltChat very active on-line group with a wide variety of topics and many different moderators who hold topic specific chats
  • Quilters Heritage ListServ Members Page Gives quilters a forum to discuss the historical aspects of quilting
  • Quilters New Network QNN, is the first fully scheduled affinity market broadcast network delivered on the Internet twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. QNN addresses the quilting industry's need for project-based media by providing pure interest programming to the more than 30 million quilters around the globe.This is a must-see site!
  • Quilters Online Resource QuiltBiz's noncommercial online support pages for quilters full of tips, announcements, pen pals, swaps, gallery, reviews, plus more
  • Quilt Bulletin Board Free for anything quilt related
  • Quiltropolis mail lists multiple topics with a different list for each
  • Quilt Net Visit often for Quilt Show listing across the US  -- add yours, plus more good quilt resource links
  • Quilt Academy of Sweden a forum in Swedish and English with a member newsletter (in Swedish only)
  • QuiltChat If you like to swap blocks, fabric, ornaments, participate in round robins, and other such fun activities, plus chat, chat, chat, this is the site to visit!
  • The Quilt Junction Ask quilting or sewing related questions, post tips, chat, or look for that hard-to-find fabric.
  • Quilt-Pro List: Mail list for Quilt-Pro users
  • Onelist is e-mail list sponsor and here are some of the quilting lists you can find, use the search capabilities to find more.
  • Victorian Quilts has a message board and membership program for quilters interested in Victorian Style Quilts.
  • (oct) Visual Effects: This link rich directory takes you to all things visual effects related. Find good information about other helpful software for to help you create special effects in quilts.
  • World Wide Quilting Page free bulletin boards, mail lists, chat rooms, and more. Also check out reviews, show dates, free commercial and personal product postings and much more