This issue covers learning how to "THINK" tessellation when using quilting software and how to convert fabric bitmaps files from Stash to CorelDRAW pattern fills, wow! Also check the new products in our line and find out what is new on the Electric Quilt Website to help you.

Issue 8, March 2000
Editor: Sharla Hicks

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From the Keyboard of Sharla Hicks

In the tradition of our newsletter to provide quality tutorials for computer quilting software we offer two tutorials in this issue. First, learn how to think tessellations and find hints and tips about how your favorite quilting software can be used to create tessellations. Second, Myrna Giesbrecht, a regular contributor to Computer Quilting BYTES Newsletter, has been going through the growing pains of learning several new software programs and at the same time figured out how to turn our favorite fabric bitmaps from Stash into a fill pattern that your can use in CorelDRAW or other programs like Adobe Illustrator. Be sure to check out her journey.

Pick up your update at the LNS Software website to enhance your Organized Expressions™. . . Notebook and Diary, Software for Quilters. The quilt diary and class data entry sections of their organizational software has been enhanced. Update by clicking here.

I have decided to add a new section to my newsletter called Website Reviews. There are many quality websites out there that support computer quilters. I will review one now and then here. If you know of one that you think needs mentioning or reviewed, let me know, even if it is yours, do not be modest! This March issue will review Electric Quilts new website offerings of FAQs and Tutorial, you will find a gold mine of information here, well worth the visit.

We continue to be add more computer quilting related items to our line. Check out our list of new products below that support computer quilting.

Table of contents

  • From the keyboard of Sharla Hicks
  • How to create Tessellations using your Quilt Software or Graphic Software by Sharla Hicks. Learn how to THINK tessellation and the rest is easy! Includes instructions on to approach tessellations using your software.
  • Growing Pains: Learning to create Pattern Fills for CorelDRAW from the Stash Fabric CD by Myrna Giesbrecht, oh the pain of learning new software, but oh the rewards! One of the rewards she shares in a tutorial is converting Stash fabrics to CorelDRAW pattern fill.
  • FAQ answered by Sharla Hicks: Can any of the quilting software programs do an accurate job of estimating yardage?
  • FYI: Organized Expressions™. . . . Notebook and Diary, Software for Quilters v. 1 has just under gone few changes to enhance their quilt diary and class data entry sections of their organizational software. Update by clicking here.
    • Are you one of those who have not heard about this software yet. Be sure to check it out and learn how to organize your stash, threads, patterns, books, class notes, quilt descriptions and more into an easy to use database. There are several different versions for specific areas, we carry separate (topic-specific ) programs for Quilters, Needleworkers, or for People Who Sew (new!) Same interface but each program has a database specific to each area. more info here
  • Website Review: Do you have one you think should be reviewed here?
  • New! Products found in our store,
    • New! Also use your printer and Bubble Jet 2000 to fill out these Labor of Love Signature Labels.
    • New! Print your Paper Piecing Blocks on Quilt & Tear Roll.
    • New! A health aide when sitting at the computer: The Posture Pleaser.
    • New! Bubble Jet Rinse to use with Bubble Jet Set 2000.
    • New! Reynolds Freezer Paper
    • New! Organized Expressions™... Software for People Who Sew is the latest release.
    • New! Easy Piece Foundation Paper™

New Products found in our store:

1999 Hoffman Challenge CD

Find all the 1999 entries on this CD, 132 quilts plus 39 wearable art pieces and 31 dolls. Quality color pictures bring the collection to life. It is divided into the traveling exhibits that are touring the country this year. Use the Index to find your favorite quilt or quilter! more info here

PCQuilt has bloomed again with a new version to be released March 20, 2000

PCQuilt is the program designed for those who like to create traditional quilts or make traditional quilts with innovative coloring. Nina, the program developer is a quilter herself and has a clear understanding of the shortcuts that can enhance faster quilting software.

  • PCQuilt is unique in its screen orientation in that it has both the block and the quilt on the same screen. This allows you to make changes to a block that are instantly reflected and seen in the quilt. Very nice feature and unique to quilting software.
  • Nina has put in many F key options that filter through a series of choice, like adding a different border with each hit of a key, or changing the quilt coloring.
  • This new version includes our must have bmp fabric files, Also included is the ability to add your favorite bitmaps from scanned or download fabric bitmaps files.
  • Applique, applique, applique is the buzz word as Nina has enhanced the program's applique features with easy to use tools and applique blocks have been added to library. I can't wait to get my hands on the new version so that I can write the review for all the new options!
  • more info here

Body Rite™ The Posture Pleaser: Ergonomic Posture Aide

Reduce neck and upper back pain. One size fits all. Promotes good posture at the computer, sewing machine and hobby activities. Scientifically tested and proven. Doctor recommended. more info here

Labor of Love Signature Labels

Soak in Bubble Jet Set 2000 to create permanent inkjet printouts. Then create your own personalized message in Word or your favorite Graphic program, iron the labels on freezer paper and run them through the printer! See the product page for hints and tips to make permanent printouts using our Inkjet and laser printers! See Bubble Jet Rinse to protect your labels when washing. more info here

Bubble Jet Rinse

Our very popular line of Bubble Jet Products just got better with the addition of Bubble Jet Rinse. Use this to wash out the residue dyes and other delicate items you want to preserve the color in. more info here

Reynolds Freezer Wrap

Reynolds Freezer Wrap is used with many quilting projects and we recommend its use when using your printers with Bubble Jet Set and create templates for applique and patches, labels, fabric and many other quilting techniques. more info here

Quilt & Tear on a Roll: Use for Paper Piecing toooo!

How about renaming this product Quilt & Tear for Quilting and Paper Piece on a Roll. Use this product with your printer. Print paper piecing or quilt lines for machine quilting on this very thin, almost tissue like product. Easy paper removal because of how thin the paper is. For additional information, click here. more info here

Organized Expressions™... Software for People Who Sew

Is the latest release from LNS software. Also available is the Quilters Edition and the Needleworkers Edition. more info here

Easy Piece Foundation Paper™

Easy to see! Easy to Sew! Easy to Piece! Great for most copiers and printers. more info here

May all your time Computer Quilting be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the Virtual Quilt Gallery!
Sharla Hicks
Editor of Computer Quilting BYTES


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