As all websites do Electric Quilt's new website under their own domain name is maturing rapidly into a blossoming wealth of information. We have been carrying their products from the onset and the Electric Quilt product line is one of our most popular. Part of EQ's success is they really care about their customers and this shows on their website and what they are offering as support.

Issue 8, March 2000
Editor: Sharla Hicks

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  • Here is some of what you will find at EQ4 Show download available. This is a slideshow view for the quilts we create in Electric Quilt 4. When EQ ran out of time in the EQ4 development phase they had to leave a few things things. What a class act the EQ folks are as in the EQ 4.1 update they added some back and this EQ Show gift is their way of giving back what they could not finish and as a new century thank you. If you have not downloaded your version yet, click here to open a new browser page to Electric Quilt download page, Our page will remain open in its own window, check the Start bar for Windows for easy access to find us. Enjoy!
  • Update: February 2110: We are now on to Electric Quilt 6. Same Quality and expert.
  • Update: February 2110: Have you check out the Electric Quilt's website yet. They have forumns tutorials and more to help the EQ user,
  • This is the place where you will find the latest Floppy Gazette including a tutorial lifted from Barb Vlark's book, EQ4 Magic. If you have not purchased this book yet because you have not seen inside the cover, here is a great chance to take a peak. Remember we have EQ4 Magic at our great everyday discount pricing.
  • A search for EQ tutorials is always a good idea for some excellent ideas for running Electric Quilt. Here is a list of the tutorials you will find around the web for some VERY high quality tutorials for running Electric Quilt.
    • Here were somne early tutoris for EQ:
    • Borders in Electric Quilt by Barbara Skj°nberg.
    • Drafting Hawaiian Blocks by Suzanne Sanger.
    • Editing Nodes in PatchDraw by Barbara Skj°nberg.
    • Tracing Bitmaps by Rita Denenberg.
    • Piecing Diagrams by Patti Anderson.
    • Star Sashes by Patti Anderson.
    • Skewing Blocks into Diamonds by Patti Anderson.
    • Drawing 45 Degree Diamonds by Patti Anderson.
    • Drawing a Block within a Block by Patti Anderson.
    • Playing with 60 Degrees in PatchDraw by Patti Anderson.
    • Partitioned Blocks by Patti Anderson.
    • Using EQ4 .WMF Files in Word by Candy Glendening.
    • Country Set on Nancy's Web site.
    • Country Set Layout and Layers by Barbara Skj°nberg.
    • Tiling Fabric Scans by Lily Kerns.
  • Club EQ is a monthly challenge that encourages you to develope new skills and learn EQ 4 better.
  • Electric Quilt sponsors a Mystery Quilt, this one is coming to a conclusion: EQuinox Mystery by Megan McMorris and Quilt Design by Fran Iverson Gonzalez
  • EQ Forum is a bulletin board for you post and answer questions.
  • Click here to open a new browser page to Electric Quilt's Studio. Our page will remain open in its own window, check the Start bar for Windows for easy access to find us.