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This issue includes the latest reviews for SymmeToy and Repligator 6. Repligator 6 is a new upgrade this spring and SymmeToy is new to our software line. We have started a new feature called Hints and Tips for Quilt-Pro by Frank Smith, a Quilt-Pro expert. Also find new information on Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Rinse and Sharla's latest Internet finds.

Expressive Quilters' Newsletter
Supporting The Expressive Quilter In Tradition, Innovation, Art & Computer Quilting

Issue 9: May 2000
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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From the Keyboard of Sharla Hicks

Good news for Quilt-Pro users, Frank Smith, an expert on the nuances of Quilt-Pro is writing a series of Hints and Tips for Computer Quilting BYTES to be published periodically. The first two tips are How to use the Bezier Curve Tool and the Snap-to-Grid function effectively and 90 Degree Arc Tool that can be joined to Lines or Bezier Curves. I have also pulled together a Quilt-Pro Resource List to link you to Quilt-Pro information on this website and on the Internet. Quilt-Pro additions are welcome, so if you have one, be sure to let us know!
Spring 2000 has brought several new blossoms to the computer quilting world with its 3,000+ fabrics; we are still offering our great discount pricing through May. The last month also brought the release of 4 new upgrades or additions to the software titles in our line, PCQuilt 2 for Windows, Creative Impulse 2000 and Repligator 6 and SymmeToy.
I have completed the reviews for SymmeToy and Repligator 6 and will review Creative Impulse 2000 and PCQuilt 2 next month. For those who want to see what is new in Creative Impulse 2000, there is a new guided tour on the Creative Impulse Home Page. You can get to the tour from our Creative Impulse Review page.

Repligator 6 has just released its yearly upgrade. Did you know that Repligator 5 was named the Best Graphic Shareware for 1999 and was a Microsoft shareware pick of the week last October and that Repligator 6 is even better? I added Repligator a couple of years ago to our line because it is a wonderful tool for the innovative quilters looking for an excellent inspiration source. This edition of Repligator brings NEW, VERY quilterly special effects and the options to add graduated background colors to most of the other special effects -- a must have for the quilter who likes color study. Take a look at the revised review and at the Repligator Slide Show Available. FYI: If you are a previous owner of Repligator, upgrade for only $10 or purchase your first copy!

I am very excited about SymmeToy, it is the tessellation program that I promised in my last newsletter. It is very easy to use, produces some fantastic designs, and is very reasonably priced. Anyone who enjoys tessellations will want to check out the demo. SymmeToy has 8 free trial runs, so to help you maximize each session, I have written a quick demo tutorial that is included on the SymmeToy Review page.

FYI: Speaking of tessellation, for those of you who had trouble accessing my How to Create Tessellations
Using Your Quilt or Graphic Software
in the March Newsletter because of the extra frames, I have revised the Tessellation article into 3 different formats and tried to clear up the ambiguous wording that was confusing some of you. Check out the article again and select the format that works best for you.

This last month I had several questions about our Bubble Jet Set line, so I wrote a new FAQ about additional ways that the Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Set Rinse can be used by quilters. One of the hints is to use BJS 2000 to stop the bleeding in retail fabrics and trims. We also have put together several BJS bundle packages with even better pricing.


May all your time Quilting be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the Virtual Quilt Gallery!
Sharla Hicks
Editor of Computer Quilting BYTES

Table of contents

  • From the keyboard of Sharla Hicks, quick overview of the articles, reviews and frequently asked questions answered in this issue.
  • Repligator 6 The software for the innovative quilter looking for fresh ideas. Check out the revised review for new special effects, new color study background options and operation enhancements.
  • SymmeToy, new software in our line to make tessellations, kaleidoscopes, and repetitive designs. This is the program that will help you do Escher-like designs.
  • FAQ: Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Rinse -- new ideas in how and when to use. Did you know it can be used to stop bleeding dyes in fabrics, threads and trims. Also can be used with Inkjet Color Copiers too.
  • How to create Tessellations using Your Quilt or Graphic Software from the March Newsletter has been revised to clear up some of the ambiguous wording that was confusing some of you and to help those of you who had problems with the frame configuration. I have created 3 different versions of the same article. One of the formats will work for you, I promise.
  • Quilt-Pro Resources:
  • Sharla's best finds on the Internet:
    • March and April have been brought many new additions to Sharla's Link Resource pages. Several new fabric companies, quilt block resources, art links, quilt galleries and more have been added. The link pages are divided into categories and new listings are clearly marked by month, check them out.
    • For the fun of it: Looking to whittle away some time? Go to Constructor, an interactive animation at its best or worst, who knows? You might even get some quilt inspiration, not sure, but maybe -- OK, at least it is interesting!
  • New! Products found in our store:
  • C-Shells, the cd jewel case alternativeNew! C-Shells: The real alternative to the CD jewel case. Use for disk storage of upgrade and program software. Are you looking for low-cost way to store your CDs that is more compact and sturdy than the CD Jewelbox or an alternate packaging to replace the cheesey to non-existent packaging that comes with most programs today? Then take a close look at the C-Shell. Find C-Shells for as low as $.38 each.
  • New! SymmeToy, the tessellation software that computer quilters will want to check out
  • New! Creative Impulse 2000 has arrived. This is the much anticipated release computer quilters have been waiting. Our review will be coming next month. Check out the Guided Tour on the Creative Impulse Home Site.


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