Tip 5: Frank is an expert at using Quilt-Pro effectively to create blocks and quilts. This is a series of Hints and Tips on how to use Quilt-Pro more efficiently and effectively!

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Hints and Tips for using Quilt-Pro 3
Tip 5: Make a Custom Grid and Draw 3D blocks

by Frank Smith © 2000

  • The plan is to make a custom grid for cube blocks so you can draw your favorite blocks in 3 dimensions.

3D nine patch block
3D basic nine patch block

  • Once we make the grid we will draw the basic nine patch in three dimensions and discuss briefly how to proceed in making more complex 3 D blocks.
  • The basic nine patch block is divided into three equal segments on each side and the 3 dimensional block is made up of 3 60 degree diamonds.
  • A top and two sides so that when placed together give the 3 D effect.
  • Think baby blocks pattern.
  • We are going to draw a nine patch on the top and two sides to give the appearance of a baby block with a quilt pattern on each side.
  • First we will make and save the grid then draw the block.


Options Menu

1. In the Options Menu, select screen settings

2. Configure the Screen Settings dialogue box as shown in Figure 1.

3. Click OK

Figure 1. Screen Settings dialogue box.

The on-screen workspace will be covered by an Isometric grid of 60 degree diamonds as shown in the Grid Type preview screen instead of the normal squares.

tool bar
Tool Bar

4. From the Tools Bar, select the Line Tool line tool.


Figure 2. Grid to draw.
5. Using the Line Tool only, draw the grid in Figure 2.

NOTE: The line tool creates only a line, no fill in the patches


Options Menu

6. Once you have completed drawing Fig. 2.

  • Make a grid of the drawn lines: Go back to the Options Menu and select Make Grid.
  • Figure 3. will appear in your workspace as the Grid!

Figure 3. 3D Nine patch grid.


Options Menu

7. Select the Options Menu again and select Save Grid.

NOTE: This grid will be found in the Custom grids box of the Screen Settings dialogue box and saved in the grids folder.

3D nine patch block
Figure 4.
3D Nine Patch block.

Draw the Block in Figure 4.

8. Draw the basic nine patch using the 60 Degree Short Diamond Tool 60 degree diamond tool or the Polygon Tool polygon tool on the top and both sides of the grid as shown in Figure 4..

Figure 5.
3D Ohio Star.

In order to draw more complicated block designs you will need more complex grids.

To better understand, look at the Ohio Star, it is basically a nine patch block but has grown more complicated.

In order to draw the Ohio Star, you need a grid divided into six equal segments per side as shown in Figure 5.

Experiment drawing the Ohio Star and other blocks you would like to make 3-D by following the above instructions.