Covered in this issue: Online quilting classes, new quilting and related products reviews and upgrades released, information on using scanners, hints and tips for Electric Quilt and Quilt-Pro, new information for Bubble Jet Set users, internet finds, new items in our store and more.

February Issue 11: 2001
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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From the Keyboard of Sharla Hicks

New software releases, upgrades and reviews:

Electric Quilt release of Blockbase released in December has entered the computer quilting world to rave reviews. See my review.

Blockbase Screen Saver for Blockbase owners
, this is a thank you from Electric Quilt Company and on their website. You must have Blockbase installed (see our review) to be able to use the screen saver.

I also have completed my review for the Electric Quilt Magic Book with Design CD Series, Stitched with Love by Robyn Pandolph.

New Updates to Organized Expressions for both the Quilt and Needlework versions. The updates include new lines of threads, fabrics, notions and more. What's the BEST thing in these NEW versions? SCANNING capabilities!! WOW, this allows the user to scan pictures, magazines, class instructions, ribbons, embellishments and much more. They also include the ability to link to Word documents that may have additional information you want for reference, good for teachers who have class handouts they want to organize and those who have quilt documentation in Word. Organized Expressions has also added a Rubber Stamp version and we are now carrying Knitters and Crocheters Version.

We have added an often requested software for cross stitch. After a some research and recommendations we settled on Pattern Maker™ for Cross Stitch. Pattern Maker™ is a great aide to Quilters who want to transform photos into a usable format using squares, rectangles and half-square triangles, something not doable at this time in quilting software. Janet Ward Sattler tested and wrote a Pattern Maker™ review for us. It comes in three versions levels: 1. Standard 2. Professional 3. Machine Embroidery. Go to the feature page to see the differences between the 3 versions. We have also added 2 Clipart for Cross Stitch programs, each can be used as a stand alone or a companion program that work in tandem with Pattern Maker™ for Cross Stitch.

With the holidays, many received new software and scanners. I have sent a notice earlier in the month explaining scanners and the interface software required to use it. Now I have expanded that information in a Frequently Asked Question about Scanners article with additional information for getting quality fabric scans ready to put into your quilting software.

Bubble Jet Set users look at the updated Bubble Jet Set Frequently Asked Questions with new recommendations for handling the final rinse after printing on your fabric. It turns out that some washing machines are washing the ink right off the surface of the fabric because the agitation is so strong. If your printouts are fading in the final wash/rinse try the new recommendations.

Carol Doak Books with instructional CD's uses only the 6.x Media Player. Some computers with higher Media Player versions than the required 6.x version are having trouble running the instructional CD. If you happen to be one of those, the solution is simple, go to the Microsoft website and download one of the 6.x versions that is compatible with your computer. To open the Microsoft Media Player page . Then click the arrow (shown below) to view all

We have several guest writers for this issue of Computer Quilting BYTES:

NOTE to all Quilting Software users: You can benefit looking over Hints and Tips for both Electric Quilt and Quilt-Pro because many of the techniques introduced can be used in more than one quilting software and many of the graphic programs too.

We are starting a new series of Electric Quilt Hints and Tips.

NEW additions to Drafting Complex Blocks in Quilt-Pro by Frank Smith.

NEW additions to Hints & Tips Series for Quilt-Pro by Frank Smith.

Online quilting classes are gaining popularity with Internet Quilters. Some are even Free. Check them out!

  • I will be teaching 4 online quilt classes at Quilt University:
    1. Getting Up to Speed in Quilt-Pro 3 using the Block Libraries, Coloring Tools, and Quilt Layout
    2. Getting Up to Speed in Quilt-Pro 3 using the Drawing Tools to Create Quilts that use Country Set and Odd sized Quilt Layouts.
    3. Cathedral Windows by Sewing Machine
    4. Machine Quilting with Exotic Threads, learn everything you need to know to use any weight of thread for machine quilting.

  • Carol Miller, cofounder of Quilt University has written an article about how Quilt University came to be and where it is going.

  • Nikki Bennett, tells us about her experience of taking online quilting classes at Quilt University.

  • Look over Internet Finds below for additional online quilting classes.

What's New in the Store? We continue to look for products that aide computer quilters, check out:

  • Inkjet Printer Products: Mountain Mist Template and Stencil Material and Stick-n-Stitch products can go through your printers
  • Instant Fabric, a new book on how to use your printer for fabric, and the new software and updates.
  • We have added, the Angler 2 which is included in the instructional videos of Pam Bono's Books, "A Quilter's Life in Patchwork,"
  • Other New books. Color Play and the back in publication, Bargello Hearts book.
May all your time Computer Quilting be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the VIRTUAL QUILT GALLERY!!
Sharla Hicks
Editor of Computer Quilting BYTES

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Table of contents

From the keyboard of Sharla Hicks, overview of the articles, helpful information for computer quilters, reviews and new products found in this issue.

Computer Quilting Information Series by Sharla Hicks

New Reviews

  • Sharla Hicks Reviews: BlockBase for Windows

  • Sharla Hicks Reviews: Stitched with Love by Robyn Pandolph

  • Judy W Sattler Reviews: Pattern Maker™ for Cross Stitch & how Quiltmakers can use it in their everyday designs.
    Try it Today! demo availableclick here
    There are 3 versions of this software:
    1. Standard
    2. Professional
    3. Machine Embrodiery
    4. Feature Chart that shows differences click here
    5. 2 volumes of Clipart that are stand alone or companion programs to Pattern Maker™ for Cross Stitch click here

  • Organized Expressions, a diary and notebook: We now have 5 versions, with new UPDATES for the Quilters and Needleworkers versions. Partial review showing the new additions to the updates & the new versions we are carrying. SCANNING is now part of the new updates!
    • Quilters
    • Needleworkers
    • Sewers
    • Knitters & Crocheters
    • Rubber Stampers

Online Classes What are they about and what is it like taking them?

Want more information on drafting complex blocks? Everyone can benefit by reviewing the the Hints and Tips for Quilt-Pro and Electric Quilt:

NEW addition to Drafting Complex Blocks series using Quilt-Pro by Frank Smith.

NEW additions to Hints & Tips Series for Quilt-Pro by Frank Smith.

New Hints and Tips for Electric Quilt Users Series:

Internet Finds:

Online Quilting Classes on the Internet:

  • I will be teaching 4 online quilt classes at Quilt University
    1. Getting Up to Speed in Quilt-Pro 3 using the Block Libraries, Coloring Tools, and Quilt Layout
    2. Getting Up to Speed in Quilt-Pro 3 using the Drawing Tools to create quilts and Country Set and Odd sized Quilt Layouts.
    3. Cathedral Windows by Sewing Machine
    4. Machine Quilting with Exotic Threads, learn everything you need to know use any weight of thread for machine quilting.
  • Quilt University: One free sample class to take to see what it is like and a large list of for fee classes and more being added regularly. This site is maturing into a well rounded education opportunity for quilting classes. Topics include: Computer quilting , project quilts, quilt design, color in quilts, surface embellishment, machine quilting and more.

  • Sew What's New has free online lessons:
    1. Sewing lessons
    2. Beginner Quilt Lessons

  • Sheila Williams has completed a series of animated tutorials for several quilting programs, check them out almost like taking a real class.

Enhancement for Computer Quilting found on the Internet:

Newsletters on the Internet sent out via e-mail:

  • Ami Simms has a quirky, fun newsletter that monthly keeps you in stitches as only she can. She also keeps you apprised of what's new in her quilting business.
  • Kaye Woods has several newsletter that she sends out to different groups of quilters like guilds, individual, ect.
  • If you need a smile today, go here:
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