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Apr. 98: Import Quilts created in Quilt-Pro to CorelDRAW or Corel PhotoPaint to add innovative Coloring & Distortions by Sharla Hicks. Find additional information for CorelDRAW including hints and tips, mail list and more. For computer quilting, find helpful links, information on transfer paper, creating labels, printing fabrics, and scanning.

Expressive Quilters' Newsletter
Supporting The Expressive Quilter In Tradition, Innovation, Art & Computer Quilting

Issue 2, April 1998
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks

Table of Contents:

Letter from the Editor


Hints and Tips:


CorelDRAW Users


Software Review

Final Note

Letter from the editor: Sharla Hicks

I have decided that what I am is an Internet Junkie. I seem to be trying to make up for lost time after writing the Computer Quilting Made Easy Books, sooooo on to the Web I went. Need-to-know always helps and when I took on the task of Webmaster, the Web became even more interesting to me as I started to look for things that I could use to enhance my own Website.

The hunt is on and I will continue for some time. I will share with you my finds in the form of new links to great information articles, good hints and tips, and some great articles. Overall that is the content of this newsletter. Gleaning GOOD information from sources across the Web! ;->) PLUS I have included a couple of promised articles by me about Importing into CorelDRAW from Quilt-Pro and the freeware review of Triangle Illusions.

Announcements about Soft Expressions Website Additions and Changes:

Stolen Quilts: Recently Pat Lemmons lost 3 quilts she had entered in a quilt show at Heritage Center in Abilene, Kansas. See Quilts below. For additional information, I have listed them under Stolen Quilts Page. If you have a quilt that has been stolen and would like it listed let me know.

Here are Pictures of Pat's 3 quilts

  • "Special to my heart" Link categories: Philanthropy Link and Stolen Quilts

I have a very special place in my heart for humanitarian efforts and things that impact our lives greatly, for this reason I have added 2 categories to my Link Page: Philanthropy and Stolen Quilts. I have even dedicated a page to Stolen quilts! If you have a Philanthropy Project that you would like added to my links let me know. And if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of a Stolen Quilt let me know. (As a teacher I have had 3 stolen from stores and know how it feels to know they are gone and that I want them BACK). If you have a web page, I will link to it or if you do not, send me a small Jpeg and I will add to my Stolen Quilt Page.

  • New Format for Links Page. Over the last 2 months I have added links almost daily. I have come to appreciate how much sharing is going on through the web and I am amazed by how many knowledgeable people are sharing their expertise. Each time that I come upon one of these articles, I include it in my Links. Plus, I am very logical in my thinking. I find pages of unorganized links difficult to plow through, especially if they are extensive (mine is extensive). So, I have reorganized my links into several smaller pages with easy to use categories and subcategories. I also have color coded the links added by month and will rotate this out every third month or so. This will help those of you who are checking back now and again to see what's new. Remember to Bookmark the Link Index for frequent return visits.
  • Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery has added several new "computer" quilts by Sue McClure, Bonnie McCaffery, Connie Grandinetti and Sharla Hicks, plus some other website listing of Virtual Quilt Galleries. Remember, I am always looking for more quilts to add. For instructions on how to participate, go to the bottom of the Gallery page.
  • The World Wide Computer Quilting Page has new listing for conferences plus more shops and teachers, check them out! Remember anyone who is actively participating in spreading the wonderful world of Computer Quilting is eligible to add a listing. Just e-mail me.




NOTE: We carry Inkjet Transfer Paper, and blank jigsaw puzzle, coasters and mouse pads for your transfer needs at discount pricing?

  • Did you know that you need to be aware how your printer sets it ink? For an optimal transfer, your transfer paper "should" match your Printer method of adding ink. Lasers use heat to set Carbon and a few inkjet printer especially "older or high end inkjets" use heat or dryers to set the ink, most inkjets use not drying method, and then there is Dye-Sublimation (the latest consumer priced Alps Printer now on the market use this method).
  • Did you know there are multiple types of "Heat Transfer Papers": Hot Peel / Cold Peel Plastisol Transfers (Note that PEEL is the operative word "because" both types of transfer paper use heat to transfer the image to the fabric), Color Copier Transfers, Sublimation Transfers with confusion about the differences between Dye Sublimation transfers and just plain Sublimation transfers.
  • Did you know that you can determine if your transfered image can be Satin or Glossy finish by how long you leave the image to cool before lifting off the transfer paper?
  • Did you know that some transfer papers require Pre-washing of fabric before the transfer and some DO NOT?
  • Did you know that I found out about these nuances by reading through how-to articles. If you want to know more, you probably want to review some of the same articles.
  • For General Information on the different types of Transfer Processes and the Ink options go to Geo-Knights Overview of Heat Transfer (includes web sources)! Or are you trying to decide on Printer and are confused by the different types of inks each uses? This article will give you an understanding of what type of printer you may want to look into by clarifying the differences between ink types used.
  • Other Websites with Transfer Paper
  • Micro Format, Imagination Gallery Color Transfer Paper and much more!
  • Computer Crafts   Specialty Paper Products for Computer Printouts
  • NOTE: We carry blank Jigsaw puzzle, coasters and mouse pads for your transfer needs.

PROBLEMS WITH INKJET SMEARING ON TRANSFER PAPER (Especially with Epson Printers when using Cannon transfer paper)

Gloria Hansen co-author of the book, Quilter's Computer Companion, writes: I have an Epson 800. Epson has a new driver (you can download it through their web page -- that purports to help with transfer smearing problems. I found that regardless of the new driver, Epson's ink smears on Canon transfer paper (I've had great results with Canon paper on other printers), although you can lessen the smearing by using either the transparency setting or the photo quality glossy setting. Also, don't print over 720 dpi.

Interestingly, I've tried a couple different "no-name" brands of image transfer paper that I purchased at computer fairs. They each worked great -- as in absolutely NO smearing and very sharp images. So, if you've only tried Canon, try another brand. Good luck!

Gloria Hansen
Highstown, NJ.
e-mail: Gloria Hansen <>
Website for: Quilter's Computer Companion book


Debra Hosler of Rocklin, California writes: Have you tried using a full-page paper-backed Avery laser label as backing for your fabric when feeding through printers? Works great, and since they come already sized at 8.5"x 11" you only have to trim your fabric to the edges of the label after you apply it--no measuring with a ruler on your freezer paper to cut the right size first! They are a little more expensive than freezer paper--you have to buy a box of 100, but as I recall it came out to around .25-.35 apiece, which to me is worth the convenience in the time they save alone, and one box will last me for years (you could find a buddy to share them--or maybe you need that many a year!). The product ID is Avery 5165. If I need a smaller label than the full page, I use my desktop publishing program to design two or more on a single page and print them out for cutting apart later .... Another option would be to cut the label into halves or thirds before applying it....Whatever sheet thickness setting you use with the freezer paper method to prevent smearing should work for the label method, as they both add about the same thickness to the fabric; but the label may be less stiff than the freezer paper, which I find to be more of an advantage........Good luck!

Debra Hosler
Rocklin, CA
e-mail: "Debra Hosler" <>

Freezer Paper, the Computer and a little bit more

GIF VS JPEG for pictures to Send via e-mail or add to your Website

HINT, Gifs are magic in e-mail: Did you know that if the person receiving your e-mail is using an e-mail package that supports html (all the newer versions of any worth do), that when attaching a picture as a Gif, the picture will show up at the end of the e-mail in all its colorful glory? This is a great way to send your computer designed quilts to show off or even that very special Birthday greeting for that extra special touch! Hint by Sharla Hicks, Editor

The following article is helpful in determining when and what to use or send!


I have been on a mission the last month or so to get my equipment up to speed to accommodate my slide collection so that I can incorporate my photography images into my art quilts to be used in conjunction with my Linoleum Block Printing experiments. The first thing that I did was go browsing for information about scanners and the following were helpful!

MORE Clipart:

  • At site for Quilting: Susan Drudring has done it again! She has ferreted out some great resources for ClipArt and added in some Web Tool hints also!
  • Fontasia can't find the font you want for that special quilt label? Try here!

Final Note

Remember when your computer is on the blink or your program is giving you fits, try to smile and remember this clever quote by Sherry Cote of Central California who recently EXCLAIMED after a day of struggles with a quilt program:
"Maybe the program was suffering from
PMS (pouty microchip syndrome)."
Sherry's e-mail is:

Until Next Time:

Sharla Hicks

Computer Quilting BYTES Editor

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