Aug. 1998: Electric Quilt Links and Sew Precise Review

Issue 3, August 1998
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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Electric Quilt Information


Sew Precise

EQ's latest addition for Foundation Piecing

& first Windows Program

Want bang for your buck? Then try out Sew Precise and get more patterns than you would in a book (over a 1,000) and you don't even have to draw them, just print them out! PLUS the real bonus, like a book, this CD includes construction techniques, pictures and more!

Sew Precise Screen

SEW PRECISE! is the latest Electric Quilt Company release and the companies first product for Windows 95 or Greater (Windows 98 is coming soon, you know). SEW PRECISE! is a Block Library Program only (no drawing tools) that is geared to foundation pieced blocks and printouts. It includes the option to open your favorite Internet browser directly from SEW PRECISE!. When the programs open you find a Split window with Files listed on one side and the Pictures of the selected library blocks on the other. There are 1108 blocks. Some are old friends (traditional favorites) from EQ reworked to include numbering & new coloring. The rest are new to EQ users and there are even some new original designs (never seen before).

The Print Screen addresses choices needed for printing a foundation block like Mirror for iron on, Prints grayscale for color coding, Print Dashed Lines, Print Numbers, Select number of copies to print, and includes choice to print as many as fit to a page, and prints across multiple pages for larger blocks.

One of the most often questions I get is, "Does the program tell me how to make the block?" Well folks, Sewing Help has arrived in Software! Sew Precise has Help Sewing Files that include hints and tips for sewing and construction of a large range of styles of paper piecing including regular block, multiple unit block, and curved block piecing. The graphics include color photographs of actual block construction which are very descriptive.

For more information on Operations, Menu and Toolbars, Draw Tools, Learning, Blocks, System requirements and how to order, click here.

Info-EQ Mail List Archives and How to Use Them

Penny McMorris has written a tutorial on how to search the Info-EQ Archives. Go to the EQ Website Lesson 16 and scroll down the page.
Editors Note: If you do not have time to belong to the Info-EQ Mail list because of the daily backlog of mail, consider occasionally subscribing to the Info EQ Mail List and browse the archives for a day or two, then unsubscribe. You will be amazed by the quality information and the questions that have been answered often several times and in more than one. This type of research is always helpful when trying to figure out something because it looks at the question from many different angles. To go directly to the archives:

If you run Win 95 here's a quick way to change the name of a project file, another Tip by Penny McMorris given over the Info-EQ list (another reason to join the list is the very active support of Electric Quilt Owner Penny McMorris!)

1. From the Win 95 Start button choose Programs - Windows Explorer.
2. Find the EQ3 Project subdirectory. Normally this means double-clicking on C:, then on EQ3, then on PRJ.
3. Click on the project you want to rename. This will highlight it.
4. Choose Rename from the FILE menu. A typing box will form around the project name.
5. Type the new name. Use up to 8 letters for the file name. Add the suffix .PRJ behind the project name.
6. Press the Enter key.