Aug. 98: Create permanent quilt labels, download fabric to quilt software libraries, manage stripes in quilt software like Quilt-Pro fabric libraries, virtual round robins for Quilt-Pro and Electric Quilt, and scanning tips

Issue 3, August 1998 continued
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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General Topics of Interest to Computer Quilters

Create Permanent Labels using Quilting Programs, the printer, brush pens and pigma micron pens over the Inkjet labels to rendered them permanent. Sue Gilbert shares her experience on the Info-Eq Mail List. The following is her post:

I did some quilt blocks for Sakura (makers of the Pigma pens) last year, and I found that using their brush pens and pigma micron pens over Inkjet labels rendered them permanent. Pigma and brush pens come in all basic colors: red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, brown and black. The brush pens tend to have a darker color and I mixed or two-toned colors and it came out fine. Also, I have been using a rapidograph pen and air brush inks (more color variations) with great success. You still must heat set everything but it is permanent and saves on the laborious process of removing labels and reattaching. Rapidograph pens are found in art supply stores for around $11.00. They have empty ink cartridges so you can fill it with different colored inks. I use a 3.0/.25 width tip with great results.
Sue In Maine. To thank Sue for her idea e-mail her

Downloadable Fabrics to increase you fabric libraries in quilt programs (Quilt-Pro, QuiltSOFT, PCQuilt, CorelDRAW) can be found on the following sites:

Managing Stripes in Fabric Libraries of quilting programs.

Have you ever wanted your stripe to run another direction or perhaps diagonally and been frustrated because the fabric paints in only 1 direction? Jose Ketob, from Hoensbroek, The Netherlands on the Quilt-Pro list suggestions:

Paint the fabric in one patch and then go the Paint-program from Windows and opened the same
fabric file (fab070za) and flipped it (90 degrees). Save this under fab070z (for example) to the fabric library. Then go back to... and you have your stripes horizontal to paint in the next patch.

Editor Note: When rotating your stripe fabric, also consider using mirror, 45 degree or any other degree for the stripe that you many want.

To thank Jose for the idea: e-mail him!

Hint for Printing Templates on Plastic

by Kay Sorenson on the Info-Eq Mail List states:

I print my ... templates directly on template plastic with my inkjet printer. I print on the slightly frosted side of the plastic. Easy, quick and accurate.

To thank Kay, e-mail her!

Virtual Computer Quilting Round Robins

  • Round Robins are a great way to meet new cyberspace quilting friends and are an exciting and very good learning opportunity to push your computer quilting skills. There are a couple of Cyber Quilting Websites that are organizing on-going Virtual Rounds Robins for Quilting Software.
  • If you own EQ, Suzanne Sanger is hosting and continuously organizing new Electric Quilt Virtual Round Robins. Go to her site and sign up. As soon as she has enough team members, she will start the next Round Robin.
  • If you own Quilt-Pro, Sheila Williams hosted the first Quilt-Pro List Virtual Round Robins and is organizing another one that will start in late September, 1998. If you would like to participate, e-mail her. The last Round Robin that she hosted is posted on her Website with downloadable projects to add to your own project libraries, be sure to visit for an exciting visual treat and see what potential Quilt-Pro has!

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