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Aug. 1998:

  • Information for quilters using: Corel Draw, Quilt-Pro, Electric Quilt and QuiltSOFT. New software available: SewPrecise from Electric Quilt and Foundation Factory: Carol Doak edition from Quilt-Pro.

  • General topics of interest to the computer quilter: "Class Demonstrations, What Do Students Want," permanent labels for computer quilting, downloadable fabric, managing strips, printing quilt templates on plastic, round robin info, and scanning tips.

  • New additions to Virtual Computer Quilt Gallery

  • News on world wide computer quilting events.

Expressive Quilters' Newsletter
Supporting The Expressive Quilter In Tradition, Innovation, Art & Computer Quilting

Issue 3: August 1998
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks

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From the keyboard of Sharla R. Hicks:

I am very excited about this July/August edition of Computer Quilting BYTES. Find some suggestions for making Inkjet Quilt Labels permanent with the aide of Brush Pens, find fabrics to add to your Quilt program libraries, create vertical stripes from your horizontal stripes, print on plastic for templates and more fun ideas. CorelDRAW users will find an article to help them use the Clone Tool to create Quilts. For those still researching Computer Quilting, find an article about what type of questions to ask before signing up for a Computer Quilting Class or Demonstration. EQ and Quilt-Pro users will find Virtual Round Robins being formed and web sources that have archives for the hints and tips shared on the Mail Lists. And QuiltSOFT now has its own Website.

Also to let you know, we are carry the new Foundation Piecing software programs for EQ and Quilt-Pro: Sew Precise and Carol Doak's Designer Edition of Foundation Factory. Plus, Soft Expression will be expanding our product line in September, so check back and see what new products we are adding to help enhance your computer quilting fun! AND for your ordering convenience, Soft Expressions (a.k.a. Hicks, Braun & Assoc.) has added a Toll Free Line for orders, 1-888-545-8616; it will be answered Hicks, Braun and Assoc.

Table of Contents


  • For your ordering convenience, Soft Expressions (aka Hicks, Braun & Assoc.) has added a Toll Free Line for orders, 1-888-545-8616; it will be answered Hicks, Braun and Assoc.
  • Stolen Quilts: Unfortunately I have added another quilt to this page. Gayle DeForest mother's Red and White Drunkard Path quilt disappeared from Greenhaven Country Place, Sacramento, CA, August, 1997. For additional information, go to the Stolen Quilts Page. If you have a quilt that has been stolen and would like it listed let me know.
  • New Format for Software Reviews Pages and Links Pages find quicker loading pages because they have been divided into smaller categories by company or topic. To visit start with the Link Index page and jump to your next category page.
  • 8 New Quilts in the Virtual "Computer" Quilt Gallery. Remember, I am always looking for more quilts and galleries to add. For instructions on how to participate, go to the bottom of the Gallery page.
  • New listing on The World Wide Computer Quilting Page UPDATES for conferences plus more shops and teachers, check them out! Remember anyone who retails software, teaches, or demonstrates Computer Quilting is eligible to be add to the page, just e-mail me.



New Software available from Soft Expressions

  • New Foundation Piecing Programs
  • Sew Precise: Companion foundation piecing program from the Electric Quilt Company. (click back to return to this newsletter)
  • Carol Doak's Foundation Factory: Companion foundation piecing program for Quilt-Pro. It is the second Foundation Piecing program that Quilt-Pro has released. To return to this newsletter, click the BACK button in the top menu of your browser program.

General Topics of Interest to the Computer Quilter

CorelDRAW Users

Quilt-Pro Users

  • Quilt-Pro 2 has a few corrections that have been made since its release. To find out which version 2.x you are running and how to download correction directly from the internet, click here.
  • Quilt-Pro List, join other quilters who own and use Quilt-Pro.
  • Discover the Quilt-Pro Connection with its extensive list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) and all the new fabrics, blocks and projects to add to your Quilt-Pro library and much more!

Electric Quilt Users

QuiltSOFT & Quilter's Design Studio Users

CorelDRAW Users

The 3 quilts below have been created by Nancy Hastings-Trew. Nancy has graciously written the article below to share with us one way (of many) to use CorelDRAW to create the traditional and innovative colouilts using the Cloning Tool!



Name: Nancy Hastings-Trew
From: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Program Quilt Created in: Corel Draw 7
Name of Quilt: (I don't name them!)
Finished Size: (well, they are virtual only, so size doesn't matter)
Date Created: April, 1998




About Nancy: Nancy is a graphic designer with an expertise in CorelDraw! who has not had time to quilt the last few years but when she came upon the Virtual Computer Quilt Gallery on this Website, Nancy decided she could again quilt at least in the virtual world of her computer. She whipped up these 3 quilts in a day using CorelDraw! . We are very pleased to say that Nancy has agreed to write an occasional article about how to use CorelDRAW for Computer Quilting and her first article of what we hope will become an occasional on-going series for Computer Quilting BYTES is next.

Editor's Note: The article is well written, and easy to understand. If you have not used CorelDraw! to help you in Quilt Design here is a good launching point!


Creating Quilt Designs with CorelDraw:


Using the Clone Tool to Duplicate Your Blocks

by Nancy Hastings-Trew © 1998

due to length of the article it is on a separate page, click here

Editor's Note: Nancy has written another insightful tutorial using a script she created. It is posted on the CDUG website : "Create a droplet from a simple mask in PhotoPAINT," a script by Nancy Hastings-Trew.

REMEMBER if you want to learn more about CorelDraw, sign up for the CorelDraw Users Group.

If you have not discovered the CDUG list yet, go check it out. It is a professional users group, but nonprofessionals who are lurking could learn a lot! I am amazed by how knowledgeable and sharing this group is. There is a voluntary fee of $10 a year. Great returns for the buck in my book!


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May all your time creating Computer Quilts be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the VIRTUAL QUILT GALLERY !!
Sharla Hicks
Editor of Computer Quilting BYTES
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Newsletters index for all issuesTable of contents for this issue

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