Jan. 99: Quilt software reviews: for Creative Impulse, Repligator, Quilts, Quilt-Pro 3. New additions to Virtual Computer Quilt Gallery and FAQs about quilt software and computer quilting. News on Electric Quilt 4, Quilt-Pro 3, and VQuilt.Jan. 99: Quilt software reviews: for Creative Impulse, Repligator, Quilts, Quilt-Pro 3. New additions to Virtual Computer Quilt Gallery and FAQs about quilt software and computer quilting. News on Electric Quilt 4, Quilt-Pro 3, and VQuilt.

Issue 4: January 1999
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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From the Keyboard of Sharla Hicks

Wow! We all are looking at a banner year for computer quilting, we have grown to 21 quilt software or quilt related software titles and expect to be adding more soon. New upgrades are the name of the game.
FYI: With the surge in computer quilting popularity and thanks to you, we have outgrown our free space on Earthlink! We are happy to announce that our website has recently changed to a new, easier to remember domain name: softexpressions.com please bookmark our new address or change any links you may have.
As a thank you for all your help in getting us to this point, we are offering a Blow-Out sale with great new releases, pre-release prices plus discounts on every product and new clearance items. You can check out the new prices on our order form.



Table of Contents

  • Stolen Quilt? Do not forget to photograph and have your quilts appraised!
  • Software Reviews
  • Creative Impulse: Wow, this program is experiencing a surge in popularity, about TIME! Included here is an article by Birte Hilberg, the program developer, she tells you how Creative Impulse works and why she developed the program.
  • Repligator: A New and Innovative approach to enhancing your quilting designs or website graphics!
  • Quilt-Pro 3 just keeps getting better with age, like fine wine! Version 3 released on time and is receiving rave reviews. Check out my review and our discount pricing, find savings that can not be beat!!
  • New additions to Frequently asked Questions
  • Should I Upgrade my Computer Quilting Program? by Sharla Hicks
  • Clearing up the Mud surrounding Copyright for Electric Quilt, BlockBase, SewPrecise and their Support Books. by Penny McMorris
  • New Additions to the Virtual Gallery since the last newsletter Remember, I am always looking for more quilts and galleries to add. For instructions on how to participate, go to the bottom of the Gallery page.
  • Lani Nagy and Judy White have added their quilts created using Electric Quilt 3
  • Kathleen Bisset has added 2 quilts from her Coffee table, she used Photo Deluxe, Stitch Painter, and a digital camera
  • In the News
  • Electric Quilt News: EQ announces Upgrade release in the spring with free upgrade offer to anyone purchasing EQ 3 NOW. Check out some of the new features for EQ 4 and our discount pricing (WOW) (click back in your top menu bar to return to this newsletter)
  • Quilt-Pro 3 News: Quilt-Pro 3 released December 15, 1998 as promised and its new enhancements have been well received, but as often happens with the release of new software, it has a few bugs and Jim Salamon (program developer) has been very busy fixing them. You can download the updates at http://www.quiltpro.com and select UPDATE in the Navigation Bar (click back in the browser's bar to return to this newsletter). I would suggest that you visit this site occasionally and update just for good measure.
  • VQuilt News: VQuilt has recently opened up a new Website. Check it out, it will be going through several transformations as time goes by, Phil loves programming and will not be able to resist the call of enhancing his website. (click back in your top menu bar to return to this newsletter)


Stolen Quilt: No picture???


Editors note: The need for photography and quilt appraisals is a necessity. Quilters today are shipping, exhibiting and lovingly offering quilts for use, thus losing the ability to keep them 100% safe, even in our homes and cars there is the threat of fire and burglary. The last two quilts listed on my Stolen Quilt Page Listing do not have photos or appraisals , this will make their recovery or monetary compensation (better than nothing) much more difficult. I encourage you to photograph undocumented quilts ASAP and, if you can afford it, get an Quilt appraisal done that is the documentation you can use to add insurance riders for art in your home.

Stolen Quilt, No picture. Stolen from Tampa Bay Sewing Center located in Joann Fabrics in Brandon, Fl.

  • Sampler pattern in shades of lilac and purples.
  • Border: 3 " lavender print border, then approx 12" off
    white muslin, then another darker border..Then finished off with a saw tooth border of all the fabrics used in the quilt.
  • Was signed on the back with the name --Marge Krumroy.
  • Back was off-white muslin.

If you know anything about this quilt, please contact Marge at: MKrum56199@aol.com


Software Reviews



Creative Impulse


I have been telling anyone who would listen for over 3 years about the wonders of this innovative and wonderful program, Creative Impulse. And recently, my mail order business experienced an upsurge in orders buying the program, its about time! Creative Impulse has much to offer.

I suggest that you take the time peak into the program with the help of Birte Hilberg's new website (she and her husband are the program developers) and it fabulous Guided Tour (developed by her son, its a family affair), and her article below, you can get a look for yourself at the delights that Creative Impulse has to offer. To download your demo good for 3 weeks click here, you will be amazed! I also have a Creative Impulse review page that you will want to explore also and I carry the program at our new discount price of $85.95, regularly $89.95.

The wonderful graphics you are seeing are created in Creative Impulse by Birte herself. She has also written an article to help us understand the user simplicity built into the program that still creates these outstanding images.

Birte begins her article with the following explanation:

It wasn't boredom nor an urge to make a design program, that set the ball rolling in 1982, but the burning desire to find an answer to a very simple question. I had just become hooked on patchwork and wanted to know "how many designs could be made from a square containing a black and a white triangle?" Simple mathematics told us that there would be thousands and we knew that writing a small computer program would help us in our search for the answer. A small DOS program, later called PC-PATCH, did produce thousands of designs, some of them well known to patchworkers, but most were new and original. We were delighted with the results.

As we all know, hobbies have a tendency to take over ones lives and it didn't take long before I thought of new more complex questions, that only could be answered by expanding the computer program. Sixteen years later and we're still spending much of our spare time exploring new and exciting ways of creating unique designs with the aid of a computer.

In 1992 we started rewriting the program for Windows. This enabled us to expand the program considerably and we decided to try combining our simple vector graphics with a specialized bitmap editor, which makes possible the application of a multitude of special effects to the designs. This turned out to be extremely successful; traditional-looking designs could quickly and easily be transformed far beyond anything we could have imagined!

For the rest of her article, more graphics and information on how to make Creative Impulse sing, click here.

To order Creative Impulse, click here.




New Shareware Available from Soft Expressions

This new, innovative software's greatest selling points is its ease of use. The learning curve is almost non-existent. Bring in your imagination, push F7, F8 or F9 and you have instant, new design ideas. What a Design Aide! See below a innovative block that I have manipulated into 3 marvelous color and design ideas and 3 versions of quilt that has been transformed.


The possibilities are endless! Words just don't do the program justice, try out the free demo version then come back and order your own personalized version with expanded capabilities, more image storage and "no" shipping charges because you receive it via e-mail for only $29.00 for a disk add $5 and shipping costs.) To order, click here. For more information about Repligator, go here. Want to have another opinion? Check out this fun and quite humorously written review of Repligator on another site, then come back and order from us because we have the best discount pricing around!


May all your time creating Computer Quilts be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the VIRTUAL QUILT GALLERY !!

Sharla Hicks
Editor of Computer Quilting BYTES


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