Dec. 99 summary: The focus of this issue is one of computer quilters favorite things, fabric. Stash is Electric Quilt's latest CD for fabrics. We have the new Foundation Factory, Quilt Magazine Edition by Quilt-Pro with blocks filled with Benartex fabrics. Find an article called Fun Fantastic Fabric Finds by Myrna Giesbrecht and a tutorial by Sharla Hicks on how to download fabrics from the Internet and then use IrfanView32 (freeware) to convert them to usable bitmaps. PLUS, organizing your fabric, books, magazine, and other purchases is now a mouse click away with our new Organized Expressions ... a notebook and diary for Quilters. It even helps you keep track of your projects, finished and unfinished. Check below in our Computer Quilting Updates for details.

Issue 7: December 1999
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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From the Keyboard of Sharla Hicks

I attended Quilt Market in Houston on my way to my daughter's wedding this fall. Computer quilting products are still not large in numbers but are increasing. Some of the products we picked up at market were books that are related to computer quilting topics. Be sure to take the time to check out our new books list. We also picked up Electric Quilt's Stash (fabric plus more on CD) and their new book, EQ4 Magic (check out our bundle pricing), foundation piecing tear away, and Quilt-Pro latest Foundation Factory release by Quilt Magazine Editors. We also found two newly released organizer softwares to help you organize your purchases and keep a diary about on-going and finished projects called Organized Expressionst . . . A Notebook and Diary, Software for all Quilters and Organized Expressionstm . . . A Notebook and Diary, Software for all Needleworkers.Another dominant theme among the software companies at Market was FABRIC. Quilt-Pro released a limited edition of it program using Benartex Fabrics for fabric fill blocks last summer, we still have some of the last copies available out there. Not sure how long our supply will last, so do not put off ordering it.
Electric Quilt addressed the demand for fabrics with their new program called Stash that I have reviewed. It is more than a fabric CD, it has some extra features to make it a functional program, not just clipart. It is my prediction that we will see fabrics in quilt software getting better as the quality and quanity of the fabric samples grows.
The Internet is an obvious choice for keeping up with the most current fabric swatches available and I have developed an extensive list of fabric sources that can be browsed for the most current fabrics being marketed out there -- some are complete fabric libraries (palettes and all) ready to be downloaded directly into some of the programs.
Myrna Giesbrecht gives us insight in her special way about fabric hunting on the Internet. Myrna is regular contribuor to Quilter's Newsletter and I am pleased that she has offered to write regularly for us also.
Also, I have done a tutorial on how to download fabrics from the Internet and use a freeware called IrfanView32 to convert them to usable 256 color bitmaps, then if necessary use IrfanView to lighten, darken or tweak coloring. This is addressing a problem and need that I see often requested on Info-EQ and the Quilt-Pro mail lists.
For your information, Quilt-Pro and QuiltSOFT also created fabric disks 3 or 4 years ago that have earlier lines of fabrics, some of which you may have in your private stashes. FYI: We carry all these CDs as part of our full line of computer quilting products.
Here is to wishing you a great holiday and we look forward to helping you meet your needs computer quilting needs this holiday season.

May all your time creating Computer Quilting BYTES be a Joy, filled with right brain escape, and result in that much sought after finished Fabric Quilt, if not at least a very nifty Virtual Quilt that you send to me to display in the VIRTUAL QUILT GALLERY!!
Sharla Hicks
Editor of Computer Quilting BYTE  

Table of Contents:

2 more Stolen Quilts in the Gallery added in November and December. Click here to check them out.

Feature Articles

Organized Expressions . . . A Notebook and Diary, Software for all Quilters by Sharla Hicks and Laura
Fun Fantastic Fabric Finds by Myrna Giesbrecht, copyright 1999

Computer Quilting Updates:

QuiltSOFT 4 has just lowered their selling price from $99 to $75 and we have discounted the price even further. Check it out.
Check out our bundle packaging on all our software products and some books too, they have the best prices.
EQ4 has a free upgrade 4.1 for all 4.0 owners. The 4.1 upgrade can be found in Stash, Electric Quilt's Fabric CD that is more than clipart fabrics, It can also be found on a CD inside the back cover of the much awaited EQ4 Magic by Barb Vlack, which, by the way is an amazing collection of ideas. For more details about all this, click here.
PCQuilt is coming out with a new upgrade January 2000.
Quilt-Pro has updated their Foundation Factory CDs to include Benartex filled blocks and released a brand NEW version called Foundation Factory, Quilt Magazine Edition with a new interface. When you buy the program it will update all your Foundation Factorys to work from one interface. Now you can access all 3 programs when one is open. The fabric filled blocks are an added bonus to this great new version. For details, click here. Also, we still have some of the last copies of the Quilt-Pro Benartex Version 3 available out there, do not delay ordering them.
We are carrying this wonderful new little software by LNS Software Solutions called Organized Expressions tm . . . A Notebook and Diary, A software for Quilters and another for Needleworkers. It is a database program designed specifically for quilters or needleworkers. Check out the details by clicking here.
C&T Publishing released 4 new Free Stuff on the Internet books by Judy Heim and Gloria Hansen. This series is for Crafty Kids, Stitchers, Sewers and a revised edition for Quilters. We have these books at 20% off cover price. For details, click here.
Jean Ray Laury's books, Photo Transfer Handbook and Imagery on Fabric. Both are great for Computers Quilters working with fabric, the printer, surface design, transfer sheets, foil and more at 20% off cover price. Click here for Details.
We have added several books that can inspire you to create memory quilts and pictorial portraits. We now have the titles: Focus on Features by Charlotte Warr Andersen and Deidre Scherer, Work in Fabric & Thread at 20% off cover price.
We have 3 different types of foundation piecing sheets to use with your printer and copiers at 20% off retail.

Bubble Jet Set: The manufacturer of this product is working toward a quality product and it works very well with some printer inks and not others because ink formulas change with each model. If you are interested in this product, tell us your printer model and we will tell if the current formula works with your model. Also if you or someone you know has tried Bubble Jet Set, and had disappointing results, please contact:
Jerome Jenkins
C. Jenkins Neckties
39 S. Schlueter Ave.
Dellwood, MO 63135
The manufacturer's new question and answer page is at: