Oct. 99 Summary: Links to helpful information for computer quilters plus some fun stuff and information for women on the Internet.

Issue 6: October 1999 continued
Editor: Sharla R. Hicks
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Information on the Internet for Computer Quilters
and other topics of interest to Sharla and Women

  • In Momerian Doreen Speckman If you wish to share you memories about Doreen a web page has been set up at http://www.quilt.com/doreen
  • Our Link page revisions. I have gone through and added quite a few new links since my last newsletter posting, be sure to check them out. (new) indicates new listing since the last newsletter. Remember my extensive list of links are listed by categories and subdivided to make your browsing easier. Each link page includes a description line to better indicate what you will find.
  • Below are the type of links that you will find in Sharla's Link Pages

August 2003: Note from Sharla

I have given up trying to keep link currents on anything except my link pages and even those get dated quickly. To check out the lastest of what we have, Visit our Link pages.

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