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Soft Expressions is a Family-run Business

Soft Expressions is a 20 year, family-run business dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers our website. Education is our emphasis so that you as a computer quilter and fabric artist have enough information and wonderful products to pursue your creativity.

Soft Expressions has roots in Sharla Hicks' 35 year background as an artist whose interest turned to creating art quilts with traditional roots. Sharla has always shared with others what she loves thus she became a quilt teacher in 1981. She has an extensive background in art, using the sewing machine to create the art quilts she loves to make and exploring software and how it fits into the quilting world today. After adding computer quilting to her repertoire of quilting classes, Sharla wrote her 7 book Computer Quilting Made Easy Series . Marketing demands turned her free lance teaching career into a formal publishing and mail order company. With the help of her family she printed, collated, bound, and shipped every book. Thus Soft Expressions was born.

After many hit and miss attempts at marketing her books through traditional channels, Sharla's Website was born. From the beginning Sharla's goal for her website has been to educate the quilting community about how the computer fits into the quilting scene for both the traditional quilter and the art quilter. Sharla continues that goal today by publishing her free to subscribers, Computer Quilting BYTES Newsletter with its tutorials and how-to information. She continues to expand her line of software as more and more titles become available to the quilter.

Early 2004 brought another turn in the business as Sharla website brought her love of embellishments and mixed media to quilters who wants to expand their style with paints, dyes, threads, beads, yarns and more. Also you will find books. Keep an eye out for new products to be added daily as the year progress.

We thank you all our talent and creative customers!

Sharla, and Donna Hicks