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Sharla Hicks current focus is offering the gift of Zentangle to others through workshops, classes and lectures.

Regularly Scheduled Zentangle Classes at Soft Expressions in Anaheim CA


  • Creativity from the Heart:
    An Artful Journey in Expressive Quilting, Fiber Art, Surface Design, Photography, and Zentangle Inspired Art

Through a power point presentation and exhibiting her quilts and art work, Sharla's artistic journey opens a new world to those ready to jump on the train of creativity and self-expression. This journey will inspire quilters of any genre be it tradition, innovation, expressive, or art quilts or the latest trend of mixed media and textile art.

Sharla Hicks' artistic journey covers a broad spectrum of creative experiences starting as a garment maker and moving into Brazilian embroidery, free-motion thread painting, quiltmaking (traditional & expressive art quilts), machine quilting and applique expertise and her mixed media and surface design background that includes oil painting, watercolor, mixed media, collage, color pencils, textiles, quilts and more. Each genre was preparing her to be open to the mindful experience of patterned drawing known as Zentangle.

When Sharla trained under Zentangle Founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher she was clueless on how Zentangle would affect her life.  Sharla's past has been full great self-doubt and a lot of poorly drawn artwork. Amazingly the gift of Zentangle has taught her new ways to see and approach her quilting and art fulfilling a lifelong desire to bring her art to paper and fabric through, pen, pencil, paint and more. The daily practice of Zentangle has had a profound effect on her discipline as an artist, her creative abilities; given back her love of teaching and most profoundly where she can now say she has found her Artistic Voice.

WORKSHOPS: Quilt Guilds & Art Group Zentangle Workshops Tailored to Your Needs

1 to 5 day workshops:

1 Day Workshop:

Zentangle: Anything is Possible One Stroke & Stitch at a Time

Turn your Stick Figures into Abstract Art and Quilt Line thru Zentangle!  

Sharla promises, she can teach anyone to tangle. Explore the simple step-by-step techniques that make Zentangle Patterns friendly for the machine or hand quilter and to anyone wanting to explore their own creativity even if they feel they cannot draw.

Explore how Zentangle patterns are a dynamic new way to create black and white inspired quilts or art steeped in pattern inspiration that dates from ancient to modern times. AND find out how Zentangle offers the quilter a unique opportunity to personal their quilt line choices for each quilt.

2 Day Workshop Above Plus:

Morning Session: Botanicals, Landscape, Nature & More
Afternoon Session:
Twist, Turn, Bob, Weave & Wind

3 to 5 day workshop: will cover the above PLUS

Serendipity Color & Design in Zentangle
Explore Color while learning serendipity design for the Zentangle framework while exploring Decorative Letters, Zentangle Inspired Landscapes, Botanical Gardens, Watercolor Backgrounds, Monoprints and more.


  • Contact Sharla Hicks: at the below address, telephone or e-mail for Fee information

  • Discounts for multiple day workshops scheduled at the same time

  • Sharla provides all the materials needed for workshop participation requiring a a supply fee from each student.

  • Reimbursement for mileage at current IRS allocation OR other mode of transportation costs. If overnight stay required request nonsmoking home with private room or a hotel.

anything is possible one stroke at a time

Fantasy Entangled I by Sharla R. Hicks ©2012. Monoprint, Speedball printing inks, Permawriter Pen, Sakura Gelly Rolls Pens (moonlight, & stardust)

Zentangle Imagery by Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher