Sharla R. Hicks, Artist and  Certified Zentangle Teacher

Sharla R. Hicks

Sharla Hicks' art work is multi-faceted and crosses the boundaries of expressive quilter, fiber artist, mixed media, collage, writing, printmaking, illustration with pen/ink, Zentangle®, gallery curator, and more.

Her current focus is offering the gift of Zentangle to others through workshops, classes and lecture. Sharla, a Certified Zentangle Teacher, trained under Zentangle Founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in February 2011. The daily practice of Zentangle has had a profound effect on her discipline as an artist, her creative abilities, her love of teaching, and most significantly—Zentangle has helped her find her Artistic Voice.

bulletZentangle Class Schedule: Anaheim, CA, Soft Expressions Store/Warehouse
bulletLectures, Workshop & Events: Guilds, Private Groups, Home Parties & Coorporate Presentations
bulletFamily Album

Sharla's Galleries:

Art and Quilt GallerybulletClass Gallery: Zentangle Examples taught in classes
bulletGallery: Zentangle & The Monoprint by Sharla Hicks
bulletGallery: Art Quilts & Mixed Media
bulletSharla's Virtual "Computer" Quilting Gallery
bulletSharla's Back Garden Art

Quilt Software Reviews by Sharla
bulletSharla has reviews for all the popular quilting software titles and other graphic programs that will be helpful to quilters.

FAQs answered by Sharla:
bulletFrequently Asked Questions on Quilting
bulletFrequently Asked Questions about Computer Quilting
bulletFrequently Asked Questions About Bubble Jet Set and Bubble Jet Rinse

Computer Quilting BYTES Newsletter:
Sharla is the Editor and also contributes articles:
bulletImport Quilt-Pro images into Corel Draw
bulletUse IranView to Convert Fabrics Files into Bitmaps
bulletUsing Quilt Software Help Files effectively
bulletHow to Create Tessellations using your Quilt Software
bulletAnd more, see Index list

Computer Quilting Made Easy Series by Sharla R. Hicks:
bullet"Quick Start Guides" & "Quick Reference Guide to 7 PC Quilting Programs"