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Sharla's Back Garden Art

under the sunny (most of the time)

blue skies of Southern California

The following is Sharla's work in progress -- the last 3 years have been spent in front of a computer writing, publishing and web mastering a mail order business -- alas, there seemed to be no time for Fabric and Quilting but she did seem to be able to take an interlude on occasion and spend outdoors -- a few minutes every once in awhile has grown into her own personalized piece of Yard Art, a year round process in Southern California--sometimes Sharla wishes for the cool crisp winter days that freeze plants so you don't have to babysit them 12 months of the year -- but not often.



Look at the background of Sharla's ever so happy son's prom pix to see the first step in evolution of the back garden from a playground for the children with a trampoline and above ground pool to what it is today. (see below)


Below is a corner in the evolution of the yard art!
Decking finished wiping out the grass after the kids where gone and no longer needed a yard to rough and tumble in -- I guess you could call the evolving Backyard Art, part of Sharla's healing process from "empty nest." Empty nest took her by surprise and created a very unexpected dip in emotions and loss. Just as the yard art is evolving so is the redefining of her role as she moves forward past the nuturing everyday role of a mother. Humm she wonders everyday where she will be ending up!

And look how far the Garden Art has come!


It takes continual love, occasional patting and pulling, once in-awhile a little pep talk and much coaxing of her dear husband to help plant and turn over mighty mounds of dirt occasionally!





The showcase Queen Palms


Sharla's sister examining tiny mandarin kuquats. The fruit is so sour that NO ONE in there right mind will eat them!! Great for marmalade.


This IS Sharla, explaining her Art, Medicine Shields, to her classmates in an "Art as Transformation" experience under the watchful eye of the Artist, "Linda Jacobsen". This art is now on permanent display in her evolving yard art gallery! See below close-up.

This is Sharla's Yard Art (Medicine Shields) --She loves them as they grace, bless & nurture her evolving art piece (the back garden)


Sharla's index: qltclassesgalleryvirtual galleryyard artbioresumebooksfaqs


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