Finally, a crystal-clear method for painting glass! This step-by-step guide, Stunning Crystal & Glass by Joyce Roletto Faulknor, demonstrates that the results of her trademark techniques are not only masterful but also easy. Get ready to create dazzling, light-filled watercolor compositions.

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Stunning Crystal & Glass
The Watercolorist's Guide to Capturing the Splendor of Light

Author: Joyce Roletto Faulknor
Pages: 127
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11 "
Publisher: Night Light Books
Cover: Hard
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"You will never look at glass, cut crystal or reflective surfaces the same way again ."Joyce Roletto Faulknor

All successful artists are keen observers. In this inspiring book Joyce Roletto Faulknor shares with you her proven secrets for sharpening your senses and transforming your observations into striking interpretations of light's interaction with glass.

It's all in how you see the subject. Through 11 short exercises, Faulknor shows you how to begin painting the subject's shapes and values, working dark to light. If you are used to working traditionally, this concept may seem counterintuitive—but jsust follow along. Building luminosity one layer at a time, you'll capture the textures of light and glass with new resonance and realism.

Ten complete step-by-step demonstrations clearly illustrate how to capture the glossy texture of ice, the shining facets of cut crystal, the radiant hues of colored glass, and the flattened sheen of reflective surfaces. Try your hand at these fresh techniques, and watch your work begin to glow with unprecedented richness.


Instruction Page
Instruction Pages

Author Joyce Roletto FaulknorAbout the Author

Renowned for her paintings of crystal and glass, Joyce Roletto Faulknor has more than 16 years of experience teaching watercolor. She attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco and has worked with Zoltan Szabo and Jan Kunz. Her work has been highlighted in Splash 8 and has been the subject of feature articles in Watercolor and Watercolor Magic. A California native, she is also the founder of the Emerald Lake Art Academy in Redwood City, California.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
1. Getting Started 10
Studio Setup  
Setting Up a Still Life  
Working From Reference Photos  
Exercise: Transferring a Drawing  
Exercise: Paper Preparation  
2. Color and Light 20
Shadows and Light  
Demonstration: Painting a Glass Shadow  
Refractions and Distortion  
Working with Value, Dark to Light  
Value Scales  
A Color Wheel for Glass and Crystal  
Working with Color  
3. Techniques for Crystal and Glass 36
Exercise: Classic Wet-Into-Wet  
Exercise: Wet-Into-Wet Variations  
Exercise: Establish Value Progression  
Exercise: Mingling Saturated Color  
Testing for Values  
Exercise: Glazing Light to Dark  
Exercise: Glazing Dark to Light  
Hard & Soft Edges  
Exercise: Softening Hard Edges  
Value Contrast  
Exercise: Establishing a Range of Values  
4. Capturing Glass and Light: Step-By-Step Demonstrations 54
Shapes and Colors in Glass and Ice  
Blue Vase With Distortion  
Beveled Orange Juice Squeezer  
Beveled Vase With Distorted Shapes  
Shapes Create a Complex Background  
Detail Work: Depression Glass  
The Anatomy of Cut Crystal  
Putting Cut Crystal Together  
Cut Crystal on a Reflective Surface  
Still Life With Seven Pieces of Glass `
Conclusion 125
Index 126

Photography Example
Photography Example

Nature's Gift
Nature's Gift


Gerbera II
Gerbera II

Reflections Example
Reflections Example