Tammie Bowser gives you all of the tips and tricks to make any Quilted Photo projects in these quilt books: More Amazing Quilted Photography, and Amazing Chenilled! Quilted Photography. Make your own photo quilts in just a few days! Quilted Photo Xpress™ 2.0 or 3.0, is her software that speeds up making the photo mosiac charts needed to create these photo quilts. Simple to use.

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more amazing quilted photography
More Amazing Quilted Photography
More Shapes, More Textures and Many More Easy Techniques

Author: Tammie Bowser
Pages: 79
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Bowser Publications/Mosaic Quilt Studio
Cover: Soft

Tammie BowserAbout the Author:

Tammie is the author and inventor of Quilted Photography™. Her professional fashion industry career has spanned the last 18 years. She worked as fashion designer and pattern maker. Her creative career and quilting techniques are without any boundaries. She is a book publisher, quilt teacher and sells commision works.

Book Back Cover Information
More Amazing Quilted Photography

With this book you'' learn to duplicate your won photographs with fabric! The quilts are truly amazing! The processes are easy and I will teach you the techniques you need to know to make beautiful and personal "Quilted Photographs".

The quilt on the front of this book was a finalist in a big national competition

You Can Make Unforgettable Gifts!
Thousands of quilters have followed my easy instructions and made quilts from wedding photos or cherished old family photos, baby photos, or even snap shots.

The instructions are step by step and so simply explained that making a quilt that seems impossible is easy! You'll learn how to easily choose fabrics, how to prepare them for Quilted Photography, how to choose a photo and even how to finish your masterpiece!

Sadie & Baby

Self Portrait

Read the Comments of Other Students of More Amazing Quilted Photography:

"Tammie is a lovely, energetic & wildly creative woman! I thought quilted photography would be intense and difficult, but with amazing results....only half of that is true, her technique is simple, clear and it does yield amazing results! I've gotten many, many compliments on my quilted photo from women who have quilted far longer than I have! It is so much fun watching the images appear almost like magic!"
Alex D., Manhattan Beach, CA

"I've been quilting for 3 years and have never seen anything like your quilts, and I just had to take your class! It looked difficult but in fact is so easy and fun! It was like paint by number but with fabric. Thanks for bringing these techniques to us."
Debbi S., Los Angeles, CA

"I learned more about color value in the one day class than at Art School! Tammie's instructions were great! I watched my photo come to life in the class. I will treasure my quilt for a lifetime!"
Darlen L., Acton, CA

"Tammie, I did enjoy your class very much. I was a little apprehensive at first, but the more I worked on it and started sewing, it all fell into place. My husband couldn't believe what he was seeing! Everyone that comes over keeps asking " How did you do that?!"
Peggy F., Anaheim, CA

"I learned so much about the color value of fabrics! I now use this knowledge on other quilt blocks and wearable art. What a valuable addition to my quilting education! Thank You."
Annette B., Los Angeles, CA

More Amazing Quilted Photography
Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Art As Inspiration
• Art as inspiration  
• Chuck Close  
• Salvador Dali  
• Andy Warhol  
• Vincent Van Gogh  
• What is Quilted Photography  
• Why The Quilts Look Painted  
Chapter 2
Value, Color, Fabric & Photographs
• Color Value is the Key  
• The 888 Rule  
• Two Extremely Easy Ways to Choose Colors  
• Rules Four Using Batiks & Hand Dyed Fabrics  
• Choosing A Photograph to Quilt  
• Taking Better Photographs  
• Using the Color Wheel For Choosing Color  
Chapter 3
Preparing The Fabric Pieces
• Overlapping Shapes  
• Fusing Options  
• Size and Scale  
• Fabric Cutting Tips  
• Fabric Organization  
Chapter 4
Amazing Quilted Photography Techniques
• How to Read the Patterns  
• About Fusible Interfacings  
• What is a Grid Guide  
• Placing the Swatches  
• Pixilated But Twisted  
• Random Shapes and Sizes  
• Stripy  
Chapter 5
Quilting Adds Texture and Beauty
• The Quilting Adds Another Layer of Interest  
• What Thread to Use?  
• Free Motion Quilting  
• Use Your Embroidery Machine for Quilting  
Chapter 6
Finishing Your Quilted Art
• Completing the Project  
• Trimming the Quilt  
• Adding Borders  
• Quilting Suggestions  
• Bindings  
• How to Display a Quilted Photo  
Chapter 7
Quilted Photo Xpress 1.0
• Program User's Guide  
• Program Tools  
• Using the Program Tools  
• Reading the Pattern  
• How to use the Grid Guide  
• Finding the Values of Your Fabrics  
Chapter 8
Tools and Materials you will need
About the Author

Distance Viewer

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  • This is Tammie's Bowser's favorite tool to see the magic happen in her Quilted Photography projects.
  • Wide angle viewer
  • See the big picture from close up
  • Look into the viewer to see how fabric or a quilt will look from across a room
  • Perfect for planning a quilt design and handy for selecting fabrics
  • Use the Distance Viwer to easily see how the design is progressing. Often difficult when close, but easy with the Distance Viewer from a close vantage point.

Grid Guides
Grid Guides

4 Grids Per Pack
Available in two sizes: 1" or 1 1/4"

The Grid Guide is an essential tool for making a Quilted Photo. It is a printed grid that is used along with fusible interfacing to position the fabric squares in the correct order. Tape them together to form a bigger grid with less erasing.

The 1 1/4" grid guide is the size square recommended for the technique in the book Simply Amazing Quilted Photography. 1" and 3/4" is used with designs from More Amazing Quilted Photography.

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Sold Out, Out of Print
Quilted Photography

Simply Amazing
Quilted Photography
Learn Everything You Need To Transform Fabric Into Photographs

Author: Tammie Bowser
Pages: 77
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Bowser Publications/Mosaic Quilt Studio
Cover: Soft
Sold Out, Out of Print

Back Cover Information
Simply Amazing Quilted Photography

It's Fast, It's Easy! It's Creative, It's Art!

Imagine your favorite Photo as a Quilted Photo. Create a family Heirloom that will be treasured for generaions.

page example of rose quilt

You will hear people say "WOW, how did you do that?" or "That's Incredible" Nobody will ever guess that it is actually fast and easy to make a Quilted Photo™.

With this book you will learn all of the tips and tricks to make any of the Quilted Photo projects. You will be able to make your own quilted photo in just two to five days!

Fruit pattern
Ktty Pattern

Simply Amazing
Quilted Photography

  • page exampleQuilters love Quilted Photos!
  • Men are impressed by Quilted Photos!
  • Children are excited by Quilted Photos!
  • Even teenagers love Quilted Photos!

These quilts make the most wonderful gifts and can preserve family photographs in a new, exciting way. You will get detailed instructions on choosing fabrics, choosing a photograph to quilt, and you will learn the 8-8-8 rule. The 8-8-8 rule is the key to quilted photo success!

Buy this book! It's like having the author give you your own personal workshop! What could be better than that?

Quilting Skill—Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

USA Flag PatternRead the Comments of Other Students of Quilted Photography:

"My daughter Rosie (14 years old), made a Quilted Photo of a dolphin and entered it in the Los Angeles County Fair. She won a BLUE RIBBON and is very proud of her quilt! Thank you"
Katherine R., Pasadena, CA

"I love this technique! Simple to sew and so rewarding!"
Marlene P., Santa Barbara, CA

"Your class was the best I have attended! Everyone placing squares of fabric, critiquing colors, pressing and sewing. Then the ooooohs and aaaahs; as masterpieces appeared, as if by magic. Everyone who has seen the Quilted Photo of my grandchild cannot believe it was possible to achieve! When they cannot figure it out, they look across the room at the mirror opposite of it and GASP. Thank you Tammie for a great innovative creation."
Carolyn V., Sierra Madre, CA

"I loved your Quilted Photo™ class. It is such a great sewing idea, as well as easy. I loved it and so did my family. I gave my mom the quilt for mother's day and she loved it. Your quilt idea helped me enjoy sewing and it is my motivation to continue to learn more techniques and ideas. Thank you"
Nicole C., Los Angeles, CA