Find step-by-step directions and illustrations with rich color photographs making it easy to learn how to take a picture and create a spectacular quilt using Picture Piecing by Cynthia England.

Picture Piecing
Creating Dramatic Pictorial Quilts

Author: Cynthia England
Pages: 132
Page size: 8.5" W X 11" H
Publisher: England Designs
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ISBN / SKU / UPC: 9780972096300
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Ever visited a pIace or seen a photograph that took your breath away? Became so inspired, that you felt compelled to recreate the vision in fabric. But....where to start?

Let award-winning designer Cynthia England guide you through the process she developed.

  • Cynthia shares countless tricks and tips to make the sewing process easy. Cheating is actually encouraged in this technique!
  • Step-by-step directions along with illustrations with rich color photographs make it easy to learn how to take a picture and create a spectacular quilt.
  • Loaded with ideas on organizing work space, choosing fabrics, and suggestions to simplify drafting for your very own original pictorial quilt!

Author Cynthia England“I have always admired Cynthia’s quilts for their artistry and attention to detail. This book shows the same qualitites. It is full of information and a pure visiual delight!.” — Libby Lehman

“Cynthia England shares her techniques, ideas, and magnificent quilts in this adventure-packed book. Scrumptious quilts, scores of instructional visuals, and wonderful tips fill the pages.” — Joen Woifrorn

Instruction Page

Strawberry PhotographStrawberry Pieced Quilt
Strawberry Photograph and Strawberry Pieced Quilt

Open Season PhotographOpen Season Pieced Quilt
Open Season Photograph and Open Season Pieced Quilt

Blood, Sweat, and FlowersSplit Rail
Blood, Sweat and Flowers and Split Rail

Ambush Black Bass
Ambush and Black Bass

Table of Contents:

Chapter One • Shading  
Planning • Adding Conversation Prints 
• Your Working Space  Chapter Six 
• Helpful Tools  Techniques 
Chapter Two • Altering the Fabric  
Picture Piecing • Buildings  
• Basic Symbols • Windows 
Chapter Three • Trees 
Sewing • Bushes and Flowers  
• Prep Work  
• Organizing the Pattern Pieces • Clouds 
• Construction Methods  • Faces 
• Troubleshooting  • Eyes and Embroidered Details
Chapter Four • Using Photo Transfers  
Designing Chapter Seven 
• Choosing Your Subject  Finishing  
• Selecting Fabrics • Squaring the Quilt 
Chapter Five • Stabilizing the Edges  
Sectioning • Border Treatments 
• Making a Line Drawing  • Backing  
• Using a Proportional Scale  • Batting  
• Enlarging the Pattern  • Quilting Decisions 
• Sectioning Straight Lines • Binding  
• Sectioning Curved Lines  • Blocking  

• Indicating Movement

 • Quilt Sleeve 
• Multiple Shapes  • Labeling the Quilt 
• Overlapping Shapes    


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