Tammie Bowser gives you has added to her great Quilted Photography series with this new book, Amazing Chenilled! Quilted Photography.

This quilt book explores fabric, color and 4 new & teriffic textured chenille techniques: Layered Chenille, Stacked Strip Chenille Rag Chenille, and Faux Chenille.


amazing chenilled

Amazing Chenilled!
Quilted Photography
Exploring Fabric, Color & 4 Terrific Textured Techniques

Author: Tammie Bowser
Pages: 80
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Bowser Publications/Mosaic Quilt Studio
Item Code: 4O10900B
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 9781887467667
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Tammie BowserAbout the Author:

Tammie is the author and inventor of Quilted Photography™. Her professional fashion industry career has spanned the last 18 years. She worked as fashion designer and pattern maker. Her creative career and quilting techniques are without any boundaries. She is a book publisher, quilt teacher and sells commision works.

Back Cover:

This book will show you the secrets for making textured quilts. The diagrams and instructions make the techniques and variations so easy that a beginner can do it!

The Tips Are Simple! When you read the book, you'll say, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

Read The Book Now and Learn:

  • How to use basting spray to make texture
  • How to use stencils in a totally new way!
  • Why you should use only 8 fabrics!
  • And more...!

"Tammie Bowser's method give you the tools to make heirloom-quality quilts on your first try. She has created a program that breaks down a process that would be unfathomably complicated for a busy quilter and makes it fun and fast to do. The results are nothing short of stunning in every case. When Tammie's quilting method is shown on QNN, our viewers respond immediately. QNN has received more mail about the Mosaic Quilt show than any other!"— Sue Ann Taylor, Found and President of QNN. QNN is a network dedicated to quilting 24/7 and available to the world!

Distance Viewer

Sorry we can NOT guarantee color or design

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  • This is Tammie's Bowser's favorite tool to see the magic happen in her Quilted Photography projects.
  • Wide angle viewer
  • See the big picture from close up
  • Look into the viewer to see how fabric or a quilt will look from across a room
  • Perfect for planning a quilt design and handy for selecting fabrics
  • Use the Distance Viwer to easily see how the design is progressing. Often difficult when close, but easy with the Distance Viewer from a close vantage point.

Grid Guides
Grid Guides

4 Grids Per Pack
Available in two sizes: 1" or 1 1/4"

The Grid Guide is an essential tool for making a Quilted Photo. It is a printed grid that is used along with fusible interfacing to position the fabric squares in the correct order. Tape them together to form a bigger grid with less erasing.

The 1 1/4" grid guide is the size square recommended for the technique in the book Simply Amazing Quilted Photography. 1" and 3/4" is used with designs from More Amazing Quilted Photography.

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little dog mosaic quilt

little boy mosaic

cat mosaic

Student Comments:

Thank you for sending me the number grid and extra tricut fusible so promptly. I stayed up until 3 am working on the quilt. Last night I finally finished it and at first, thought it didn't work. Then I tacked it on the wall and backed up and just said, "Oh my gosh" I couldn't believe it turned out. What fun!...
Nancy Kiernan

Hi, I'd like to tell you how glad I am that I saw you on Simply Quilts. I was so impressed and immediately had the idea to make a Mosaic Quilt of my daughter and her son. It was also a healing process for me because the baby in the picture, Andrew, my grandson, passed away in June 2004 at the age of 2...Thank you so much for sharing your technique.
Karen Thomspon

Hi Tammie, I wanted to share my first quilt with you. I have been thinking about making a quilt for several years, but didn't feel I had the time. When I saw you on Sewing with Nancy, I immediately looked for your website as I knew this process would be relatively quick. I loved pressing the pieces on a seeing the pattern come to life. Thanks for your software and your quilting process....
Regards, Shari Sands
Thank you so much. I am almost finished with my first quilt! It is of my grandson and the results are incredible. I followed your instructions and arranged the fabrics according to value. From then I had to go in faith because some of the fabrics looked the same to me. Up until now, quilting had never appealed to me...But this is totally different. This is art. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Victoria Bledsoe
Dear Tammie, I lost my son in 1992 and have been seeking a new way to keep him near even more than I already do with photographs. Your wonderful gift has given me something very precious that I can share with other family members. I'll be making one for my daughter too. This is such a precious gift! Thank you for sharing your great ideas. You must be a wonderful mother, as just listening to you speak about your daughter brings that feeling of warmth and tenderness. May God bless you in your life and family.
Carolyn Snell

Table of Contents

Chapter 6  
Rag Chenille Technique
Chapter 1   What is this technique?  
Introduction to Quilting Photography with Texture
Fabrics suitable for technique  
Creativity   Preparation Instructions  
What is Quilting Photography? Why use texture?   Putting it together  
what happens when you use texture and Quilted Photography together?   Possible Variations  
Chapter 2   Examples  
Understanding Color, Value & Photographs
Sample Pattern  
What is the difference between color and value?   Chapter 7  
Four ways to choose the colors for your quilt   Stacked Strip Chenille Technique
The 8-8-8 rule   What is this technique?  
How to sort your fabrics by value   Fabrics suitable for technique  
Value is the key!   Preparation Instructions  
How to choose a great photograph   Putting it together  
How to take better photos   Possible Variations  
Chapter 3   Examples  
Preparing the Fabrics and Patterns
Chapter 8  
Rules for choosing fabrics to create texture   Finishing Your Textured Quilt
About the fabrics   Completing the project  
How to prepare and organize fabrics   Trimming the Quilt  
Fabric Cutting Tips   Adding borders  
Size and scale   Batting and backing  
How to read the patterns   Bindings  
Grid Guides and how to use them   How to display a quilted photo  
About the stabilizers   Chapter 9  
Chapter 4   How to Make Your Own Patterns with QPX 1.0
Faux Chenille Technique
How to download the software  
What is this technique?   System requirements  
Fabrics suitable for technique   Program tools  
Preparation Instructions   Using the program tools  
Putting it together   Finding the values of your fabrics  
Stencils   Conclusion
Possible Variations   Special Thanks
Examples   About the Author
Chapter 5   Testimonials
Layered Chenille Technique
Quilting Photography Catalog
What is this technique?   Software  
Fabrics suitable for technique   Notions/Supplies  
Preparation Instructions   Fabric  
Putting it together   Books  
Possible Variations   Coupons  
Sample Pattern      

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