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Book Details
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For those of you who love literature and quilting these delightful books, Quilted Diamonds and Quilted Diamonds 2, presents very charming little diamond blocks from Linda Franz's award winning quilt, Love and Friendship, First Place ribbon in the Vermont Quilt Festival, as an homage to the Jane Stickle Quilt (Dear Jane), the Jane Austen Quilt, and the Jane Austen novels.

Hand piecers and appliqué lovers will be in heaven. Machine piecers who enjoy a challenge, will find the book's detailed instructions for hand piecing excellent material for hints on how to successfully machine piece the blocks.

Sold Out

Quilted Diamonds 2

Book Details
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20 to 40% off 2,000+ Books & Magazines Index

Quitling Your Memories by Sandy Bonsib

Quilted Diamonds
Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends

Author: Linda Franz
Pages: 160 pages with full color illustrations
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
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Quilted Diamonds
Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends

Review by Sharla Hicks

For those of you who love literature and quilting this delightful quilting book gives you all the diamonds blocks found in Linda Franz's award winning quilt, Love and Friendship, that took first place ribbon in the Vermont Quilt Festival. Linda's unique approach presents these challenging, but very charming little diamond blocks as an homage to the Jane Stickle Quilt (Dear Jane), the Jane Austen Quilt, and the Jane Austen novels.

Hand piecers and appliqué lovers will be in heaven. Even though this book emphasis is on hand piecing and appliqué, machine piecers who enjoy a challenge will find the book's detailed instructions for hand piecing excellent material for hints on how to successfully machine piece the blocks.

For those of you who do not know, Jane Austen, the famous novelist, made a diamond medallion quilt with her sister and her mother. The Dear Jane quilt was made by Jane Stickle, and is documented in Brenda Papadakis's book, Dear Jane. In Quilted Diamonds Linda brings a marriage of interests into a unique interpretation of Dear Jane and Jane Stickle blocks turned into diamond blocks. The challenge of the drafting alone is a feat to be marveled and makes the book worth the price.

Add in Linda's unique presentation of taking on Jane Austen's voice as she presents each block name in Old English script and a loving quotation from one of the Austen novel's, each quotation brings to life a character or theme from the Austen's works. The Old English is fun to read and your imagination will take you into the Austen novels and PBS's Master Piece Theater imagery of days gone by from the upper class society in England. For some samples of the verse you will find, read the back cover information as characters from Jane's novels speak to us about the book and quilt.

Linda has gone to a great deal of work to give a historical reference and perspective. Each block is presented on a half page making them generous in size and giving plenty of room for the block name, quotation, piecing chart, quilt block picture, suggestions for piecing techniques, and the keycodes used to indicate sources where the block has been published.

  • BB for BlockBase (the software based on the quilt historian Barbara Brackman's book, Encyclopedia of Quilt Blocks.
  • DJ for the beloved quilt book called Dear Jane by Brenda Papdakis's.
  • CH for Bettina Havig's Carrie Hall Blocks.
  • () Indicates that Linda has alter the block further.

Linda further elaborates: "In Quilted Diamonds...., the twenty border diamonds are named after places in Jane Austen's novels and the nine blocks in the center medallion are named for places that were important in Jane Austen's life. All the blocks are associated with phrases and situations from the six novels and Jane Austen's letters."

Linda tells us on her website:

  • Each individual piece in a pattern has an arrow to indicate suggested grain line.
  • Every pattern also has references to the detailed sewing instructions, when appropriate (e.g. curved seams, inset seams, appliqué).
  • For some diamonds, a small diagram suggesting a sewing sequence is next to the pattern.
  • There are references to similar square blocks in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Blocks, and Brenda Papadakis's Dear Jane—which was the first and most significant inspiration for the diamonds of Love & Friendship.
  • There is a chart with the patterns in Chapter Three which arranges the diamonds in several categories (mirror image, inset seams, many seams converging, curved seams, easiest, hardest, appliqué and reverse appliqué) and provides cross-references to the step-by-step instructions.

Detailed instruction and excellent photography show the hand piecing and appliqué steps. Each picture and piecing chart leads you easily through block construction using freezer paper templates.

Sample Pages:

Click small image for larger view.
Large image sizes range from 61 - 85 KB.

Cover rom Quilted Diamonds

Page 03 rom Quilted Diamonds

Page 11 rom Quilted Diamonds

Page 22 rom Quilted Diamonds

Page 23 rom Quilted Diamonds

Page 32 rom Quilted Diamonds

Page 29 rom Quilted Diamonds
Page 39 rom Quilted Diamonds
Page 42 rom Quilted Diamonds
Page 141 rom Quilted Diamonds
Page 143 rom Quilted Diamonds
Page 145 rom Quilted Diamonds
sample-page-148-from-qdfran.jpg (86630 bytes)
Page 153 from Quilted Diamonds
page 156 from Quilted Diamonds

Optional CD:

If you own Electric Quilt 4 or 5, do not pass up the opportunity to add these 209 diamond shaped blocks to the EQ library files for only $10. Save yourself the time required to draw these delightful but sometimes quite complicated blocks. For a quick start, print the templates directly on freezer paper. Also use the diamond blocks to design your own special quilt version of Quilted Diamonds.

All the historical sources for the blocks, and the Jane Austen quotations and references from the novels, themes, and character noted in the book are also noted in the Notecard section for each block.

A small, twelve page, instruction pamphlet gives you hints and tips on how to use the blocks in Electric Quilt. Linda's instructions include:

  • How to use the blocks from the CD or to copy the blocks to the hard drive
  • Suggestions on how to print the blocks
  • Suggestions on drawing board setup so the blocks are shown elongated on the square drawing board instead of square.
  • Hints on how to use the advanced drawing tools when editing or drawing your own version of a diamond blocks
  • Notes limitations of Electric Quilt when creating a quilt from the diamond blocks are reduced by the fact that each diamond must be drawn in a rectangle.

Back Cover:

Quilted Diamonds includes:

  • 209 diamond patterns from Love & Friendship, names with quotations from Jane Austen's novel
  • Photo of the Jane Austen Quilt (1812)
  • Photo of the Jane Sickle Quilt (1863)
  • Illustrated, easy-to-follow directions for:
    • Hand piecing
    • Appliqué & reverse appliqué
    • Setting for diamonds
    • Innovative hand quilting designs
    • Scalloped bindings

No one know what Jane Austen would think of Quilted Diamonds. We have Austen-tatiously taken a few words from some of the characters in her novels:

Marianne Dashwood: "Indispensably necessary to your future felecity."

Sir John Middleton: "Written in so friendly a style as could not fail of giving pleasure."

Anne Elloit: "This was handsome,—and gave her more pleasure than almost anything else could have done."

Charlotte Palmer: "I never saw anything so charming!"

Mr. John Dashwood: "I felt it my duty to buy it."

Mrs. Norris:"If I were you, I should not think of the expense."

Mary Crawford: "There never was anything quite like it. "

Emma: "What a very great please it will be to you."

Catherine Morland: "Oh! I am delighted with the book! I should like to spend my whole life in reading it!"

Willoughby: "To me it is faultless."

Miss Elizabeth Bennett: "A constant Source of delight!"

Table of Contents:

Forward by Brenda Papadakis (author of "Dear Jane" book)4Chapter 4: Settings141


 Chapter 5: Quilting145
Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends 6Chapter 6: Scallops


Lasting Impressions of Jane Austen8Biography 158
Dedication & Acknowledgments10Resources158
Chapter 1: Hand Piecing


Chapter 2: Appliqué29Index160
Chapter 3: The diamond Patterns39  


Quitling Your Memories by Sandy Bonsib

Quilted Diamonds 2
More Austen-tatious diamonds to hand piece
With Bonus 2 Hour Lesson on DVD!

Author: Linda Franz
Pages: 144 pages with full color illustrations
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Sold Out, No Longer Available at Soft Expressions
NOTE: See Related Books & Supplies Below


Sample Pages:


Optional CD:

The Quilted Diamonds 2 CD includes 101 new diamonds and sample diamond quilt settings, so you can color, edit and resize the diamonds, and print them.

The instructions for the CD are in the book. Please note that because all of the diamonds are drawn within rectangles, there are limitations on designing quilt layouts for diamonds in EQ.

Back Cover:

Come take a private lesson with me, and discover the advantages of hand piecing with freezer paper templates! Choose one of 101 diamonds, pick up a needle and thread and follow along with the DVD to begin your own heirloom.
  • 101 new diamonds named with quotations from Jane Austen’s novels
  • Each diamond is shown in three fabric combinations and from the back!
  • Detailed, illustrated directions for hand piecing with freezer paper templates
  • 700+ photos in addition to the lesson on DVD (110 minutes)
  • Optional CD of patterns, for use with Electric Quilt software (EQ4 or EQ5).
  • Step-by-step instructions and ideas for a variety of settings
  • 144 pages, soft cover, stitched binding, includes DVD lesson 110 minutes (almost 2 hours!)

Table of Content


Using Electric Quilt
Jane Austen
Designing Settings
Footnotes & Bibliography
Hand Piecing Step-by-Step

Menu on DVD

IntroductionHand Stitching
FabricRunning Stitch
Making Templates1/4" Seams
Ironing the TemplatesSeam Endings
Rotary CuttingCrossing Seams
Marking Seam LinesInsert Seams
Sewing BasicsCurves
NeedlesAdding Matches
ThreadPressing and Trimming
Threading the NeedleUsing Electric Quilt
Sewing SequenceAdvantages of Hand Quilting
Mirror ImageCredits
Quilter's Knot 
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