Charlotte's book is a must have for anyone interested in doing realistic, life-like portraits in fabric. She also includes a few pages of advice for the computer quilter on using scanners and graphic programs to help them with the process.


Focus on Features

Life-Like Portrayals in Applique

by Charlotte Warr Andersen

8 1/2" x 11"

96 pages of full color illustration

Sorry, this book is no longer available for purchase


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Focus on Features brings to you the infinite creative possibilities of pictorial applique. In this follow-up to her popular book Faces & Places, Charlotte Warr Andersen teaches her Applique-for-Realism techniques in even greater detail.

The actual drawing process is emphasized, with instruction on how to make a pattern by tracing from a photograph or using the computer to come up with lines and value.

Step-by-step photographs show construction sequences for an eye and a mouth.

Charlotte's reverse layering applique process is explained, along with tips for those who prefer machine applique.

The role of color and value are discussed, including the effects of light on surfaces, contours, and structures.

Learn how to shape realistic details of features such as eyes, noses, mouths, ears, and hands.

Go beyond basic facial features, exploring subtle variations in the shape and combination of features, exploring subtle variations in the shape and combination of features that make us unique individuals.