A Quilter's Life in Patchwork
A Quilt Book and Design CD
by Pam Bono and June Tailor

Wow, talk about the best of both worlds for the computer quilter. This is a wonderful book to browse and inspire, then go to the Interactive CD and use your computer to personalize each project by using own coloring, adding text and printing out instructions. View the CD-ROMs video instructions for those of us who learn better by seeing than just reading. What more can you ask for from a book and computer quilt book CD-ROM??

A Quilter's Life in Patchwork: Book & Design CD

Sold Out, Out of Print
A quilters Life in Patchwork by Pam Bono Designs
Author: Pam Bono
Purblisher: June Tailor
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Pages: 144 pages full color on every page!
Cover: Soft
Weight: 1.75 lb

Angler 2NOTE: The Angler 2 is recommended and demonstrated on the instructional and design CD included in the book

back cover of book
(NOTE: Click on the
back cover for larger picture of the cover to see quilts a little better. 38k)

Includes Interactive CD for PC and Mac computers. Find 160 projects and personalize each project with your own coloring, even add text to quilt labels and stationary inspired by the quilt designs.
Includes Instructional CD for PC and Mac computers. Quality demos for techniques used in the book.
Bonus: 2 sheets of June Taylor's Color Fast Printer Fabric Sheets.

Review by Sharla Hicks © 2000

Wow, talk about the best of both worlds for the computer quilter!

A Quilter's Life in Patchwork is the first of many such books that are being prepared for computer quilters. Up to this point the books with CDs have included only instructional videos that are wonderful, but this book takes the CD into the realm of a quilt software program by adding the ability to indivudualize each project with your own coloring choices. It even has the ability to personalize quilt labels with TEXT! This is something that only one of the quilting software can do.

What in this book?

This book has a very broad range of quilts, the styles cut across the gamet of choices of pieced and appliqued quilts.

Find 17 different quilts and related projects (see Table of Contents for the names of the quilt):

  • Country Style Figurative Quilts (see the front cover at the top of page.)
  • Animal Design Quilts (see quilt on back of cover at top for one example
  • Angel Quilts
  • School Days Quilts
  • Unique Colorado Wedding Ring Quilt
  • Pieced Block Quilt called Sherbert
  • Novelty Sewing Themed Blocks in a Quilt.
  • Several style of well designed botanical flower and basket quilts. (See Quilt on the right for one example and back cover at the top of page.)
floral quilt


The CD includes:

  • Ability to add your own coloring.

Interactive Color Screen

  • Print out yardage charts and cutting instructions for each quilt.
  • Add Text to some of the bonus projects included on the CD. (See more below.)

CD BONUS PROJECTS: Use your printer and June Tailor Colorfast Printer Fabric or Bubble Jet Set 2000 treated fabric to create the following projects that use the quilt patterns:

1. Add Text and Personalize:

  • Quilt Labels
  • Stationery
  • Cards
  • Bookmarkers

2. Watch quality Demo Videos on how to construct projects and quilts.

  • Placemats
  • Pillows
  • Table Cloth
  • Christmas Ornaments and stocking stuffers
  • Sewing Machine Covers
  • Towel Embellishments

3. Print applique pieces for projects and how-to construction instructions.

  • Coasters
  • Table Runners
  • Welcome Sign
  • Miniatures of quilts
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Tote Bags

Book Organization:

The book is divided into two sections.

  1. How-to information:
    • Sewing techniques used to make the blocks and quilts
    • How to use the CD-ROM
    • Instruction for printing on June Taylor fabric sheets
  2. Quilts with the following very detailed sections for each quilt:
    • Large color example
    • Video Demostration for each Quilt and Block Construction, including how to use the Angler 2 for rotary cutting and fast piecing WITHOUT drawing lines.
    • Tells you which technique and tool to use for block and quilt construction
    • Cutting Chart for each quilt
    • Cutting Instructions including hints and tips for fast piecing
    • Detailed Block Construction diagrams and instructions
    • A very stylish blank, lined page to take notes for each quilt

NOTE: See Table of Contents below for additional details on what is covered.

CD-ROM and how to use in conjunction with the book!

The beginning of each chapter has a reminder that a Video Demostration is on the CD-ROM for you to view, follow along with the book in hand as you watch the video.

At the end of most of the chapters, look for the related bonus projects announcement.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 4-5 -- the story behind how this book and CD came about
2. Technique Tutor........8-11

  • Diagonal Corners
  • Diagonal Ends
  • Half Square Triangles
  • Making French-Fold Binding
  • Using "the Anger 2™"
  • Suggested Reference Tutorials

4. Using The Book and CD-ROM Together.....12

  • Icon instructions for use

5. Using Colorfast Printer Fabric Sheets.......13

  • Use with our stationery, cards, and labels
    • Tips to Keep in Mind
    • How to Make One Block

6. Robert's Checklist of Supplies........16

Quilts in A Quilter's Life in Patchwork:

7. "& Mores" On our CD-ROM.......17
8. My First Quilt........18-26
9. Bridal Baskets........27-35
10. My First Home Quilt........36-46
11. My First Home Tablecloth........47-53
12. From my Garden Botanical Quilt........54-70
13. Perennial Pleasures........71-77
14. Glorious Morning........78-84
15. Don't Fence Me In........85-90
16. Pick Of The Liter........91-94
17. Herald Angels........95-100
18. 1st Day of School........101-106
19. Snug As A Bug........107-110
20. Sherbert........111-114
21. Denim & Daisies........115-123
22. My Quilting Friend........124-128
23. My Heritage.........129-136
24. Colorado Wedding........137-143


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