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Book Details
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Helen Squire is well respected for her quilting pattern series. She has added CDs that the Mac and PC users will find helpful for printing patterns in multiple sizes.

Quilting Designs
by Helen Squire

some with CDs for Mac & PC


Helen's Copy & Use Quilting Patterns
Helen's Copy & Use Quilting Patterns
Book and/or CD
Create with Helen Squire, Book and CD
Create with Helen Squire

CD only
Book Out of Print
Book only

Helen's Mix and Match Quilting Patterns
Quilting UFO's with Helen's Hints
Quilting UFO'S with Helen's Hints

by Helen Squire

Book Details
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20 to 40% off 2,000+ Books & Magazines Index

Book: Helen's Copy & Use Quilting Patterns
Dear Helen Series Book Six

Author: Helen Squire

Pages: 143
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: American Quilter's Society
Item Code: 4N0500
Weight: 1.36 lb

Item Code: 4n0500
Weight: lb
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CD: Helen's Print and Use Quilting Patterns

System Requirements:
Win 95* with Internet Explorer 5 installed
CPU: 486 or better
RAM: 16 MB or better
Monitor: 15" 800 x 600

ReveiewMore Info Here

Item Code: 4N0500
Weight: 0.40 lb

Sold Out, No Longer Available at Soft Expressions
NOTE: See Related Books & Supplies Below

Helen's Copy and Use Quilting Patterns book is part of Helen's well respected quilting pattern series. The added plus of this book is the option to purchase all the quilting patterns on CD (Helen's Print and Use Quilting Patterns). The CD allows you to print your favorite pattern to multiple sizes.

Back Cover Information

Helen's Hints, circular styles, sweetheart designs, sashing strips, borders & blocks, fun patterns, continuous lines, elegant sets, grid VI

Contains 275 designs, placement diagrams & reversed patterns in a variety of sizes add to the versatility of many of the patterns.

The quilting patterns are grouped into 9 categories. Chapters contain a mixture of continuous line patterns for sewing or long-arm machines, sashing strips with border and everyone's favorites — hearts and tulips.

The books includes instructions on how to paper fold to get the alignment correct on a quilt or block. It also includes techniques on how to create repeats from various types of motifs.

Table of Contents

Introduction6Chapter Four: Sashing Strips
Twist & Turn Daffodils, Betty's Twist & Turn, Penelope's Plumes, Stella's Delight, Pumpkin Seed, Caroline's Lattice, Elba's Star Flowers, Green's Garden, Frank's Flower, Angela's Ribbon, Elisa's Posies and Grid, Bab's Berries, Aimee's Chain, Double Feather Border, Daphne's Laurel

Quilting Decisions

7Chapter Five: Borders & Blocks
Bud's Rope & Cable, Carla's Conch Variations, Lynda's Heart Block, Ocotillo's Border, Fred's Maze, Strawberries on the Vine, Rickey, Ornament Sashing, Poinsettia Block, Holly Bells Block, Winter White, Blue Ice, Holiday Border, Overlapping Circles, Overlapping Ovals, Viola's Vine, Doug's Design, Laura's Cable, Monica
How to Use the Patterns8Chapter Six: Fun Patterns
Michael's Circus Tent, Teddy Bear, Panda, Lion Cub, Tiger Cub, Seahorse, Dancing Dolphins, Buck's Boat, Whale, Pearl's Shells, School Fish, Charlie, Mermaid, Octopus, Snail, Mushroom Border, Leap Frog, Costa Rica, Argentina, Trinidad, Birds & Flowers, Vanessa's Butterfly, Turtle Back Zoo, Butterfly Collection
Chapter One: Helen's Hints
Cupid's Heart, Cupid Curl, Helene, Greek Key, Wedding Ring Hearts, Nancy, Quilted Star, Flo's Feathered Plumes, Mardi Gras Celebration


Chapter Seven: Continuous Lines
Barbara, Jeanne, Florence, Carter's Crown, Little Angel, Cupid's Wings, Lisabeth's Corner, Lisabeth's Variation, Koren's Border, Elizabeth, Lisabeth's Long-arm, Lisabeth's Wreath, Princess Sasa, Donald's Kingdom, Cloud Nine Variations, Sweetheart Corner, Baby Sweetheart, Marilyn, Carolyn, Shelley's Loving Cup

Chapter Two: Circular Styles
Georgina, Feathered Wreath with Grid, Feathers & Circles Wreath, Peony Wreath, Captain Syd's Porthole, Double Feathers, New Orleans Wreath, New Orleans Machine, Wheel of Lilies, Americana, Grecian Sun, Fanfare.

18Chapter Eight: Elegant Sets:
Theresa's Scroll & Leaf, Elegant Block, Elegant Sashings and Corner, Lily Pad, Elegant Corners, Elegant Rope, Elegant rope, Elegant Heart Center, Francine, Posie Basket, Phyllis, Phil's Wreath, Abbie's Ocean Waves, Manie's Maui, Surfs Up Continuous Line
Chapter Three: Sweetheart Designs
Megan, Caroline, Judi's Left-handed Tulip Wreath, Linda Jeans Garden, Julie's Tulip Border, Tulip Patch Border, Tulip Patch Block, Lillian's Candy Box Bows, Jinny Variation, Climbing Clematis, Peaceful Birds, Trudy's Bows, Dolly's Paper Cut-outs, Jeanine's Miniature, Jeanine's Rope Heart, Philodendron Sashing, Lucky Kisses, Heart & Bow, Embossed Heart, Entwined Hearts, Loving Kisses, My Heart Belongs to Baby


Chapter Nine: Grids VI:
Pumpkin Seed, 1/2" Crosshatch, 1" Crosshatch, 3/4" Crosshatch, Gladys' Rose


line break


CD Review: Helen's Print and Use Quilting Patterns

Review by Sharla Hicks © 2003

What can make Helen's Copy and Use Quilting Patterns book even better? How about having all the patterns only a mouse click away on her Helen's Print and Use Quilting Pattern CD. Use the CD to eliminate trips to the copy store or the need to trace designs.

The CD format is written to use Internet Explorer 5 or greater depending on your computer. This allows you to use the same back buttons, links, and buttons to explore the CD that you use when connected to the Internet.

Opening the patterns on the CD

When all programs are closed and you insert the CD, it automatically starts up.

The CD startup is easy as long as you CLOSE all programs before you insert the CD in CD-ROM drive. The "Easy as Click & Print" directions include this little nugget. But, as many of you may know, some of us often go ahead without reading the instructions, so I thought I might mention it here. If you want to read between the lines, that means I tried starting the CD without reading the instructions or closing all the programs and nothing happened. So, if you do not close all programs before starting, the CD just sits in the CD drive waiting.

Navigation is simple

Home Button takes you to the Table of Contents that is setup like the book with underlined links and brief descriptions of each linked section. The Table of Contents includes a link to an alphabetical listing of the quilting patterns for a quick search by name.

Takes you to the thumbnails (small pictures of each pattern.)

Double clicking on a pattern takes you to the pattern screen. Here you will find the quilting pattern name and the size of the pattern.


Each pattern allows you to print up-to 10 different sizes. Clicking one of the Blue Print buttons bring up a quick picture of the file to be printed and then opens the Printer dialogue box. You can print each pattern in the increments listed on the blue buttons. You can also flip the design for repeats and mirroring the design. The increment measurement relates to the original size of the pattern as listed in the book and on the Pattern Screen on the CD. (See previous example)


The instructions included with the CD relate only to running the CD and printing the patterns. If you want Helen's hints and tips for fitting the designs to your quilt or suggestions for using the designs you will need to purchase the book, Helen's Copy & Use Quilting Patterns.

line break

Create  and Print with Helen Squire

CD: Create and Print with Helen Squire
Hand and Machine Quilting

NOTE: See Review above because the CD operations are the same ReveiewMore Info Here

Includes all the patterns from the companion book: Create with Helen Squire. Over 750 Pattern Variations!

Distributed: American Quilter's Society
Item Code: 4N0430CD
Weight: 0.40 lb
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MSRP: $29.95

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CD Information

NOTE: See Book Table of Contents for Patterns on CD

  • More than 750 pattern variations to print and use!
  • Print as shown or reversed, in five different sizes: one-half, three-quarters, same size, one and one-half, double.
  • Browse for specific design categories: Soft Curves, Strong Lines, Flowing Florals, Silhouette Stencils, and Grids V.
  • Medallion designs can be enlarged to 6", 9", 12", 18", 24" blocks.
  • Fully self-loading with easy point and click navigation.

System requirements:

  • Windows 95*/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • CPU:486 or better
  • RAM: 1 MB or better
  • Monitor: 15" 800 x 600 or better

BOOK: Table of Contents

Create With Helen Squir

BOOK Out of Print / Sold Out

Create With Helen Squire
Hand and Machine Quilting

Author: Helen Squire
Pages: 63
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: American Quilter's Society

Back Cover Information OUT OF PRINT

You don't need to be an artist, draftsman, or expert quilter to be able to use and enjoy Helen Squire's newest offering in her Dear Helen series of quilting design books. This carefully planned edition can be used simply as a pattern book, with more than 80 versatile patterns.

Some are for hand quilting and some for machine. Or, for those a bit more adventurous, follow Helen's hints to discover how easy it is to design your own quilting patterns.

Create with Helen also contains medallion designs for wholecloth quilts, a medley of floral block patterns, marking advice for using silhouette stencils, quilting grids to combine with the other patterns, and a pullout section for larger designs.

Dedication and Introduction
Chapter Three Flowing Florals
Checklist of Quilting Possibilities
Lily Hearts . Lily Shields . Brenda's Lily 1 3/4" . Lily Long Arm 4" . Field of Lilies 1 ˝" . Traditional \Windblown Garden & Grid . Continuous Windblown Garden . Garden Path . Windblown Flowers . Mary's Meandering Leaves, 3˝" Corner & Border . Mystic Laurel Six-sided . Mystic . Mystic Molen Set Square . Mystic Molen Set on Point . Mystic Circle . Mystic Ring . Mystic Maze  
Terminology Explained
Chapter Four Silhouette Stencils
Chapter One Soft Curves
Wood flowers . Kaye's Hexagon . Lori's Hawaiian Lei . Mini-Yoko . Mini-Star . Star Bright . Yoko's Flower 9˝" Continuous Line . Yoko's Flowers . Raindrops . Splash . Dorothy's Design . Little Debbie . Carol . Persia . France . England  
Victorian Valentine . Victorian Nosegay . Viola Remembered . Alicia's Border 2˝" . Alicia 5", 1˝" ", 3', 4" . Braided Corners . Cathy's Quill 1 3/4" Traditional . Cathy's Quill 3" Machine Feathers . Bee-ing Around . Dorothy's Border Plumes . English Feathers & Hearts . Annette's Machine Curves . Annette's Bavarian Scrolls . Annette's Corner . Karen's Machine Feathered Heart   Chapter Five Grids V

Chapter Two Strong Lines

60° Hanging Diamonds . ˝" Straight Lines . 3/4" Crosshatching Squares 
Aimee's Interlock 2˝" . Merdie's Maze .Buckingham Square 6" Block . Paulette 2 3/4" . Paulette's Corner . Collin 3" . Jacob 3" . Persia 4". Tippecanoe 2", 2˝" . Persian Corner . Vanessa's Cross . Vanessa's Linked Corner . Vanessa's Links 1˝', 2˝" . Rivervale Rope . Cargo Boxes   Pullout Pattern Sheets 


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