Juno: Free E-Mail and More

by Bob Rankin

Sold Out

Much of the info here is not longer applicable to today's standards. This book was written when:

Back Cover Info:

Juno was a free, advertiser-supported Internet e-mail service. You can get it for free and you can use it to exchange e-mail with anyone in the world who has an Internet e-mail address. Within minutes of installing the Juno software on your computer, you'll be ready to start using it.

But what else can you do with it? Juno doesn't come with a manual. That's kind of like getting a free camcorder with no instructions. Juno: Free E-Mail and More tells you what to do with Juno to send e-mail and access the Internet.

Juno: Free E-Mail and More will help you get the most out of Juno.

You'll learn:

  • E-mail basics: How to send, receive, reply to, forward, and delete messages, and how to manage folders
  • The finer points of Netiquette, Spam, and e-mail privacy
  • Simple e-mail commands to access almost anything on the Internet (including the World Wide Web, FTP libraries, Usenet news groups, and search engines)
  • Internet basics
  • Instructions for finding and subscribing to Internet mailing lists

The finale is a long list of tricks, including how to use Juno to order a digital pizza, get stock market data, news, weather, and sports information; play games; send free faxes; and more.

Juno--you got it for free; now learn how to use it.