Tell stories, evoke different places and people and celebrate life on charming machine applied quilts. With Photo Album Quilts, Wendy Butler Berns starts by teaching you her specially-developed technique and a few quilting basics and spells out the supplies that are required for making beautiful quilts.


Cover Photo Album Quilts

Photo Album Quilts

Author: Wendy Butler Berns
Pages: 127
Page size: 9" x 10"
Publisher: Lark Books
Cover: Hard
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Photo Album Quilts - Quilts That Share Familiar Life Stories Through Pictures

Capture memories and everyday experiences on appliqué quilts inspired by photographs. Wendy Butler Berns gives you all the techniques you need, plus instructions and patterns for three charming projects.

She also provides tips and suggestions for adapting 10 additional quilts to make them your own. You'll use her unique method of creating line drawings of your photos that will serve as guides for transferring those images onto fabric. Your finished work will be a cherished heirloom from one generation to the next.

Author Wendy Butler BernsAbout the Author

Since 1993, Wendy Butler Berns has been capturing the world in quilts. Her quilt designs move beyond the realm of stitched fabric pieces to unexpectedly vivid tapestries that tell impressionistic stories. Her quilting style fluctuates between traditional-with-a-twist and contemporary art, and she often uses nature and real-life settings in photographs as her inspiration. Each design evolves through Wendy's desire to depict the colorful yet changing world around her—whether it be a garden landscape, an endearing family member, or an artistic reminder of the sanctity of our natural surroundings.

Wendy's quilts tell stories of people, places and journeys that have shaped her life. Finding a way to interpret the messages from these stories has given her the chance to create original, tangible, and textural images that she can share with others.

Fabric and sewing have been a part of Wendy's life for more than 45 years. Her passion for the art of quilting is readily contagious; it inspires others to challenge their own creative boundaries and keeps her students marveling at her enthusiastic play of color, original design, embellishment, and unabashed free-motion quilting technique.

Since 1997, Wendy has traveled the country teaching and lecturing at national quilt conventions, quilting guilds, and quilting retreats. Described as an 'enthusiastic, encouraging, entertaining and knowledgeable teacher,' Wendy strives to share her extraordinary art with anyone who wishes to learn it. Far from hiding her 'trade secrets,' Wendy hopes that her techniques, gained from hours of trial and error, will take root around the world.

Wendy lives in Lake Mills, Wisconsin with her husband, Tom. She also looks forward to time with her daughter, Emily and two sons, Christopher and Greg.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started  
A Comfortable Workspace 10
Tools 10
Supplies 12
Techniques 13
Chapter 2: The Step-By-Step Process  
Master Image Map 20
Machine Appliqué 24
Machine Embellishing 24
Machine Quilting 28
Finishing Techniques 30
Chapter 3: Making Faces  
Study Before Drawing 36
Face Drawings 37
Defining Profiles 39
Facial Features 39
Enlarging the Design 40
Transferring and Embellishing Features 40
Repetition as a Design Element 41
Chapter 4: Project Quilts to Make  
Pink Coneflower #1 44
Pine Coneflower #2 52
Take on the World 56
Chapter 5: Tips, Tricks & Tutorials  
Grandma's Little Gardener 66
Little Gardener I 68
Little Gardener II 69
Little Gardener IIII 70
Exchanging Gifts - Ice Cream Cone 71
Exchanging Gifts - Frog 72
Captivating Coneflower 74
Pretty as a ..Picture in Yellow 78
Coneflower Chorus 80
Hello Mr. Cardinal - It's Spring 84
Hello Mr. Cardinal - It's Summer 85
Climb Every Mountain 86
George the Entomologist - Catches the Quilting Bug 90
Behold the Beauty and Believe 94
Remembering ... in the Spring 96
The Bear and the Boy - I Spy the Disappearing Bear's Paw 100
Chapter 6: Quilt Gallery  
Be Gentle, the Future is Fragile 106
Together We Can 108
The World is Yours 110
Solitude 112
WBB - Wendella B. Butterfly 114
I Am 116
Mountain Dream 118
Pure Joy ...Imagine That! 120
Acknowledgments 123
Resources 123
Metric Equivalency Charts 124
Index 126

Instruction Page
Instruction Page

Back Cover
Back Cover

"I Am"
"I Am"

"I Am" Original Photo
"I Am" Original Photo

Rembering ..In The Spring
Remembering .... In the Spring

Take on the World

Pink Coneflower
Pink Coneflower


Face Drawings
Face Drawings