Joen Wolfrom's exquisite quilt book, Color Play, and her ingenious 3-in-1 Color Tool, gently guides you through color understanding and how to approach your next quilt, needlework or craft project. Easy steps to imaginative color is now at your fingertips.

Color Play
Color Play
by Joen Wolfrom: Broaden your color experience and stretch your imagination with creative color play. Now selecting colors for your quilt designs will be fun, and your quilts can live up to their visual potential!
3-in-1 Color Tool
3-in-1 Color Tool:
NEW and IMPROVED: Color wheel, value finder and fabric viewer designed to stand alone or go with Color Play
Studio Color Wheel Poster
Studio Color Wheel POSTER
28" X 28"
Companion Tool to the Ultimate 3-n-1 Tool


Color Play by Joan Wolfrom

Color Play
Easy Steps to Imaginative Color in Quilts

Author: Joen Wolfrom
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Pages: 143 pages, full color
Cover: Soft
Item Code: 4l0340
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 9781571201058
Weight: lb
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Save $ package Color Tool Package
Color Play Book
&Ultimate 3-1 Color Tool

1. Book: Color Play
2. Reference Tool: Ultimate 3-in1 Color Tool
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3-n-1 Color Tool and Studio Color Wheel Save Dollars Pacakge
Ultimate 3-1 Color Tool
& Studio Color Wheel Poster

1. Reference Tool: Ultimate 3-in1 Color Tool
2. Studio Color Wheel Poster
Item Code: 4L0340C
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Sharla Hicks' Note about Book Color Play:

Exquisite photography from nature and high quality color printing make you want to curl up and study the value scales, color wheel diagrams, sample blocks and quilt examples that guide you toward understanding the role of color in quilts. The quilt gallery pages will inspire you to begin your next quilt with new color understanding!

Color Play page example

Back Cover Information:

Broaden your color experience and stretch your imagination with creative color play. Now selecting colors for your quilt designs will be fun, and your quilts can live up to their visual potential!

  • Features 24 colors, their characteristics, and the combinations that look fabulous in a quilt design.
  • Sample fabric arrangements and stunning nature photography make color concepts easy to understand
  • Learn how variations of pure color, tints, shades, and tones affect the mood of a quilt.
  • Enjoy a luscious gallery of over 70 colorful quilts.
  • Irresistible illusions you can create using color — highlights, shadows, depth, transparency & more

"The wonderful format of Color Play is a joy to use. Joen makes learning about color fun and interesting."
— Mariam Nathan Roberts, quilt artist and teacher

"All quilters love color! Joan presents 24 glorious colors in a unique way that you can easily translate into your own dynamic quilts. The concise text, well organized illustrations, and beautiful quilts make this a book every quilter show own."
— Judy Dales, quilt artist, teacher and author

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mother Nature and Her Imaginative Color Play
Chapter 2: Mother Nature Knows Best: The Most Beautiful Ways to Put Color Together
Chapter 3: Yummy Yellows: Yellows, Golden Yellows, Chartreuse
Chapter 4: Gorgeous Greens: Green, Yellow-Green, Spring Green, Blue-Green, and Aqua Green
An Exhibits of Colorful Quilt
Chapter 5: Blissful Blues: Blue, Cerulean Blue, Turquoise, and Aqua Blue
Chapter 6: Very Royal Violets: Blue-Violet, Red-Violet, Purple, and Fuchsia
Chapter 7: Rambunctious Red: Red, Orange-Red, Blue-Red, Magenta
Chapter 8: Outrageous Oranges: , Orange, Yellow-Orange, and Orange-Yellow
Chapter 9: Irresistible Illusions: Depth, Luminosity, Luster, Shadows, Highlights, and Transparency

Studio Color Wheel Poster
Click Here for Studio Color Wheel Poster
28" x 28" / 71 cm x 71 cm

Ultimate 3-in-1 Color tool
3-in-1 Color Tool
updated 3rd edition, same great price

1. Enclosed in a reusable vinyl pouch
2. Corner Fastener to fan out cards
3. Each Card Size: 3.25 x 8
Author: Joen Wolfrom
Publisher: C&T Publisher
Item Code: 4l0340A
ISBN / SKU / UPC: 9781607052357
Weight: lb
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Includes these must have tools:

  1. Color Guide
  2. Fabric Preview Windows
  3. Value Finder
  4. and MORE including instructions on how to use the tool and a small color wheel for reference.

There is NO need to know color theory

Create perfect color combinations every time with this indispensable tool for Quilters, Needleworker, and Crafters. The Ultimate 3-in-1 Color tool is a color-planning tool that helps you choose great combinations every time!

Improved! Larger cards (3.25" x 8") which translates to LARGER color swatches and expanded guidelines for use.
NOTE: Simple and straight forward instruction for using each card and the 5 listed color wheel solutions.

  1. 10 instruction cards to help you learn to use the color cards effectively.
  2. 24 two sided color cards with 5 Color Plans for each Color Card. (See example below)
  3. Red & Green Plastic Fabric Value Finders. How it works: when you view fabric through red or green it eliminates the color and leaves only the value (light to dark quality) of the fabric showing so you can place light, mediums and darks where wanted.

Each Color Card is 2 sided
Ultimate 3-n-1 Color Tool example card of 2 sided color card
Side 1 & Side 2

Side 1 features: one pure color with 16 variations specific to the color family in tints (white added), shades (black added) and tones (gray added) and the Ives Color Wheel solutions showing the Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Split-complementary, and Triad solutions (See example above)

NOTE: Once your color scheme has been chosen, use each color's Color Card to help you determine your colors or fabrics. NOTE: It is not possible to include every possibility for a color, so you match to the closest family. Care has been taken to ensure that a complete range of colors has been addressed.

  1. Choose a color scheme from the 6 options provided for each color or Match the color to one of the 24 Color Cards and 100s of individual swatches, numbered for your convenience
  2. Find the Color Card for each color in the color scheme
  3. Select Fabrics that match the Color Card

New! Side 2 features: Additional variations PLUS the Color Codes for 816 CMYK and RGB formulas, plus Hex numbers for Website design. (See example above)

Value Finders (red and green translucent plastic) Use to view and determine contrast without the distractions of color. Using the Value Finder will help you determine which color on the Color Card is the correct value.

Handy, take-along size, refer to it at home, in your studio, or while shopping

The Color Cards can be arranged to fan out on its pivot hinged screw to form a color wheel.

instruction card example of the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool
Example of Instructional Color Theory Card