Using EQ6 Pieced Drawing by Patti R. Anderson, learn to draw like the experts! In EQ6 Pieced Drawing, Patti will inspire you to draw blocks like you have never done before! With this Electric Quilt support book, you will be able to tap EQ6's full drawing potential. Follow step-by-step through her lessons. Then try what you've learned using her "Show & Draw" block recipes. Learn the basics from a pro, then design like one!


EQ6  Pieced Drawing

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EQ6 Pieced Drawing
Exercises in Pieced Block Design
by Patti R. Anderson

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EQ6 Pieced Drawing Back of Book Patti Anderson's simple methods make learning to draw in EQ6 fun and easy. Learn the basics from a pro, and then design like one. Patti Anderson has taught thousands of EQ users how to draw. Whether you're a beginning or advanced quilt block designer, you'll learn just what you need from this popular drawing diva. She's back with all new techniques for creating unique block designs in EQ6. Follow Patti step-by-step through her basic lessons. Then try out what you've learned, making distinctive block variations using her "Show & Draw" block recipes.

Use the click and snap grips in Patch Draw to make quick eight point starts. Then, clone and rotate patches to complete your block.

Learn how to turn this sweetgum leaf into a foundation pattern by tracing in EasyDraw™.

Patti explains the EQ6 Precision Bars as she shows how easy it is to draw with virtual graph paper and pencil using EasyDraw™. She teaches you how to redesign blocks to make workable foundation patterns. And she gives you quick click and snap methods for drawing LeMoyne Stars, Kaleidoscopes, New York Beauties and more, using Pieced PatchDraw and the special EQ grids.

EQ6 Drawing, Exercises in Block Drawing

EQ6 Example 1

Chapter 1: Learn to draw pieced blocks using Pieced PatchDraw and the special grids. Design quick Kaleidoscopes, Eight-Point Stars, and New York Beauties using a click-and-snap method of drawing!




EQ6 Example 1 Chapter 2: Dive into EasyDraw™ learning pieced drawing basics. Learn to set up your drawing board with correct snap settings and graph paper divisions to make workable blocks.




EQ6 Example 13Chapter 3: Use your new knowledge of EasyDraw™ to create beautiful Giant Dahlia blocks, Curved Geese, and Prairie Braid Strips. Draw blocks you've always been too afraid to try!




EQ6 Example 14Chapter 4: Step outside the box and design the most unbelievable blocks in minutes! Learn to trace images, transforming them into foundation patterns. Draw 60° grids, then design 3-D and tessellating blocks. Oh, and have you heard of Node Select All? You won't want to miss that lesson!



Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 3 Chapter 2 55
About the Author 4 Basic Pieced Block Drawing 55
Table of Contents 5 Back to the Drawing Board 56
Introduction 7 Chapter 3 91
Inches versus Centimeters 9 Divide & Conquer 91
Using the Precision Bar 10 Chapter 4 135
Adding Blocks to My Library 12 Drawing Outside the Box 135
The Chapters 15 Index 205
Chapter 1 17 Precision Bar Reference 211
Click and Draw Blocks with Pieced PatchDraw 17 Tools Quick Reference 213